Camera Raw: Ability to add a watermark

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Is there (or when are you going to put) an easy to use feature to add watermarks to photo's in ACR? Watermarks are a big deal, now more than ever.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Why would this have to be in ACR in your opinion? Adding a watermark is easy to do in Photoshop itself. And in principle ACR is just the front end to convert raw files for use in Photoshop.
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Do you think so ("ACR is just the front end...")?  But it's not.
With ACR one can develop photos exactly like in Lightroom, completely without using Ps. 
In Lr there is an ability to add watermark when exporting photos, but in ACR there's not. 
OK, when I want to export a big amount of photos maybe it's ok to import them in Lr, let it use the XMP-s and export with watermark.  But doing this when I have just one-few photo(s) developed and I want a watermark on it/them this method is unnecessery too complex. 
So the "use Ps/Lr to add watermark" is far not the best solution/advice. ;) 
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Because when you are processing images from an event and want to watermark 150 it would be much better to do it in ACR.

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Sometimes I just use Camera Raw and export my images without further editing in Photoshop. It would be so great to have this feature. The Photoshop App does have it and it's great but I wish there was a PC Version of it.
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Camera RAW is not a full featured image processor. Adding features just bloats it and means there are more things to break.
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That sounds like an excuse to me, David, though why you would be making the excuse I don't understand at all.  Just offhand, I can't imagine that it would bloat the program all that much and if Adobe writes the code properly, it won't break.  Do you work for Adobe?  
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It isn't an excuse. David isn't wrong with what he is saying here. Adobe has a history of breaking things when they try to add new features like this. Once broken, they also have a history of not bothering to fix it no matter how many people complain loudly and often.

ACR is basically nothing more than a digital RAW file "developing" program and it's only real purpose is to convert RAW files into a format that other programs can then manipulate. There are plenty of other ways to batch watermark images.
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Hi, Michael and David, I just realized that I forgot to thank either of you for your responses.  It still doesn't make sense to me that it would not be a relatively easy thing to do and well worth what some might call 'bloat' and I would call a welcome feature.  I admit that the 'ease' of adding the feature might just be in my mind, though, since I am not a programmer. 

Incidentally, I'm also one of those people who seldom uses Photoshop (or Lightroom, for that matter) because I can do so much right in ACR. 
So...would either of you (or anyone else reading  this thread) mind expanding upon the statement that 'There are plenty of other ways to batch watermark images.' 

I need to watermark many images (~2000, maybe more) and have been looking at various alternatives - programs I've found with a Google search, but I'd prefer to not have to waste the time trying each of them out if you already *know* good solutions for batch watermarking.  It seems to me that the best solution would be to add the watermark as a layer in a PDF file. 

Then, in Image Processor, to run a batch file adding it - or not - via checking a box which says run / do not run that file when I convert the file to a jpeg.  If Or whatever... which I say because I'd rather skip the PSD stage and have the image processor add the watermark when I convert the RAW file modified by the XMP file as part of the conversion. 

I'm trying to find a way to make the process quick, simple, and easy.
I'll very much appreciate any thoughts and/or suggestions.