Lightroom: Where is the ability to create custom page sizes for Lr Book module?

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It's been nine months now since Kevin Tieskoetter was quoted in a blog interview about the new Book module in Lr 4.x ... in which he stated:

"Yes! All of the templates we ship with Lightroom are made using Illustrator, and I'll be documenting the process for creating those. We've also successfully made templates using InDesign and the freeware tool called Scribus, so if you need templates in different sizes, you'll have a range of options."

The full interview can be read here:

Where is this documentation? Why are you holding back? When will this issue be addressed? Why did you design it to be a one-trick pony only supporting a single vendor in the first place? Are you choosing to intentionally force Lr users to seek other options for their book making needs?

Yes, you did offer the ability to export books to pdf or jpeg ... but ... if none of the six book vendors I do use don't use the page sizes available in the Book module ... what good is it? To this point ... the Book module, in it's current state, is just a waste of space on my hard drive and a useless feature I am expected to pay for and not implement because you (and/or the executives in charge) don't think it's important to keep your word and share how to create custom templates and page sizes.

I await your response to this matter ... of course ... if you continue to remain silent on the subject ... that too will speak volumes ...
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Posted 7 years ago

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Official Response
Sorry, but we've decided that the approach we were originally pursuing to create custom page layouts was not something we were comfortable releasing to the public. The scripts we've built have worked well enough for our internal use but needed a lot of work before they were usable without a lot of guidance. We think it's more prudent for us to focus on enhancing the book module itself.
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Julie thanks so much for the update and clarification ... though it does little to ease my mind about counting on Lightroom as an option for creating books or albums.

I think this module could be such an asset for many users ... however ... tying it inexplicably to a single vendor is beyond my comprehension ...

How am I supposed to separate myself from my competition if I am cornered into only being able to have my works printed by a vendor that anyone on the planet can also place orders with? How is the Book module a valuable resource for me? I must say I am less than willing to wait another 18-24 months to see additional improvement to this module ...

I just can't fathom why Adobe would design the Book module to be so limited, constricted and narrowly focused as to only offer page sizes for a single vendor.

You did not limit the Library and Develop modules to only handle a single brand of RAW camera file ... you did not limit the Print module to only work with limited paper sizes and a single brand of printer ... you did not limit the Web module to only export files that could only be rendered by a single brand of browser ... Yet you found it ok to limit the Book module to a Blurb centric design ...

This decision is very disappointing to say the least ... even Apple allows custom page sizes and multiple methods for exporting a book from Aperture 3 that can be used easily with other vendors ... I'm now quite sure that I must spend further research in seeking out alternatives to Lightroom for my future needs as it is quite evident that it appears as though Adobe does not have my best interest as part of their plan ...
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Thanks for the reply Julie, but can we PLEASE have just TWO more full-spread options? :) See my recent suggestion:
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Julie, Is this matter ever going to be addressed? Could you please explain why it is still "prudent " for you to not offer the ability for the end user to create custom page sizes? The Book module is about the only document creation tool created by Adobe that refuses to allow the end user to set custom document sizes, margins and bleeds? If you do not ever intend to allow this ... could you please explain why you believe the end user is incapable or unworthy of such a feature. That way we will have at least some understanding where we stand or if we should continue in investing in Lightroom in the hopes of a possible solution. If you never plan to offer the option ... please have the courage to say so and not leave us hanging ... three years and two full version cycles is just too long to be held in purgatory in such a senseless manner.
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I absolutely agree. It is just ridiculous what Adobe is doing here with its paying customers. Very annoying.
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Seems to be a stillborn baby, the book module - due to technical decisions made more than 3 years ago?
I still consider
a very valid suggestion how to get out of this mess.

I cannot imagine Adobe having locked themselves for such period of time with an initial co-investor. Even Blurb can hardly be satisfied with the outcome of the deal, since the book module never even managed to get on par with their own proprietary book creation software!
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Book module is unusable!

- No custom layouts
- Page sizes are limited (need European standards)
- Blurb's books are no good quality
- Blurb is too expensive for the quality deliverred

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It's so disappointing how Adobe behaves regarding the photobook module.
Or should I say BLURB-Module.

I bought LR4 specifically because of its photobook functionality to get away from custom software products by photobook vendors. And now I find myself more or less tied to Blurb by Adobe, but with less flexibility and worse photo book features (e.g. no custom page layouts, very bad handling of text, limitation of page sizes to those offered by Blurb) than even the most cheaply designed software offered by the supermarket around the corner to order photo books via their service.

For months, nothing is moving here. Adobe does not give LR4 users the ability to create custom layouts (as originally promised). And instead of at least releasing a few more templates (e.g. for common European page sizes) themselves: nothing, nothing at all.

I find this so inexcusable for a company like Adobe that its hard for me to find the proper words.
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Totally agree with you !
The least Adobe could (and should!) have done is to add new templates for European paper sizes and iPad resolution.
Only minor tweaks would be needed for rearranging the cells provided - you could employ an intern for graphics design with such tasks. Should take less than one working week, plus quality control.

But we do not even get more answers from Julie Kmoch...

I like your term "Blurb-Module" - that nails it perfectly.

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