Photoshop CC 2018: Healing and Spot Healing Brush Lag

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In most recent 2018 update, healing and spot healing brush have become much less responsive, sometimes taking multiple seconds after completion of stroke to affect the image.

Late 2016 Macbook, up to date OS and Software

I've done the regular things like turning off OpenCL and changing other performance options... no change.
GIF framerate is sped up 2x 

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Stephen Newport

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Posted 3 years ago

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Mathew Sargent

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I came in here to report the same problem. I work on typically very large images (10,000 pixels) and the spot healing brush is now almost unusable. There is incredible lag, so I can no longer go from spot to spot as the lag will either not catch up or it will create a line point between the two spots and create an even larger delay. 

Back to the clone tool in the meantime. Hope there is a fix for this. Wouldn't have updated if I had known of the slowdown...

On OS 10.2.6 and have restarted after installation.
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Stephen Newport

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Don't forget to hit the "me too" so this bug becomes a priority
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> Back to the clone tool in the meantime. Hope there is a fix for this. Wouldn't have updated if I had known of the slowdown...>

You're not stuck on 2018. You can reinstall 2017 if you uninstalled it. Personally, I keep the last version back for some time after installing a new version—just in case something comes up that makes my life harder.
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I am having the same exact issue. Reseting PS fixes it. But, it ALWAYS crops up again AFTER I run the dust/scratches filter. That seems to set it off for me.
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Jim M

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Same thing here. Mine happens immediately. I get the lag and the lines. I tried resetting to "use the legacy algorithm" for healing brush, but that almost made it worse. Beta testing during my workday is a hassle. 
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John Herzog

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I am  having the same problem which never existed with prior versions.  I have a very high end PC with all SSD drives .... this is crazy.  Editing has become a nightmare.  Please fix this ASAP.  Reboots, resets, turning off GPU card, etc. makes no difference.  Unacceptable.
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Ken Friberg

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Here's my sample of the issue.
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have the exact same situation on Win10 with Intell 8core, 32gb ram and nvidia 1060 6gb. The bug is in the (Spot) Healing Brush tool, the Patch tool works perfectly like with PS18.
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David Nadeau

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I've had the exact same problem. I cursed at my screen all day and finally tapped out. Uninstalled and back to CC 2017.
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Jeremie Nassif

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me too !
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Ken Friberg

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Problem solved with Nov 14, 2017 update
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steve reid

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Same here , 2017 was like this inte first release too .
Today’s release seems to have solved it. -
- question is why release it with such a unusable blatant bug ?
Us photographer and retouching houses reply on cloning and healing

Is it not being beta tested by Pro people ?
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Same issue here people - the spot healing brush is now totally unusable with one simple click on the smallest specs of dust taking 10 seconds (I have timed it a couple of times) to complete it's healing.

Ironically the healing brush in Lightroom that I have complained about being too slow and unusable for years is now faster and more usable than the one in Photoshop! (though still no wear near good enough for Adobe to brag about it as an improvement the way they have been, it's still poor).

I've hit the Me Too button - and hope they can fix this soon I have hundreds of macro shots of micro chips to work through and although they were cleaned extensively every spec of dust on the product looks huge!
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Hannah Nicollet, Quality Engineer

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Once the fix is ready to test we would like to invite those who are interested in helping us verify the fix to join our pre-release program.  If you would like to participate, please contact me directly at:

Hannah Nicollet