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A "Gradient Eraser Tool" might be a nice add to Photoshop, you select the gradient* you want to affect the layer you selected** and then use it like the normal "Gradient Paint Tool" but with the deference of erasing the white color of the gradient you recently made.
There might be a way of doing so but it might be more complicated, so i thought of sharing my ideas with you,and by the way i'm in love with Adobe i don't know how i was living my life before knowing Adobe and especially Photoshop.I'm sure that you are proud of your ِachievements.
Glad i can help

* The gradient might consist of grey scale colors or all colors.
** "Sample all layers" should be an option.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Eyad, Thanks, but this function already exists: just add a layer mask, to your layer (the icon looks like a circle inside a rectangle at the bottom of your layers panel.
Now, drag a gradient. White reveals, black hides.

You can also paint, use filters... reapply your gradient if it is not what you wanted, It is one of the most powerful tools of Photoshop!
See this help file:

You can add a mask on a group too... Have fun!
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I believe he was intending to say, remove the white from a raster gradient layer, simply applying a mask over your gradient layer does not remove the white - removing the white from an opaque solid would indeed be extremely helpful. A better example, lets say your raster gradient runs horizontally from black to white. Half way across you would have a 50/50 mix of black and white. It would be awesome if you were able to remove the white - leaving a 50% opacity black in its place. Make sense? I do a great deal of image manipulation and logo recreation for clients who don't have their source files and am always having to remove the white background or re-create the file from scratch - if there were a way to select these white values and pull them out leaving a transparent image, It would save me countless hours re-creating terrible logos for people. ;)