Lightroom: Give "post-crop vignette" tool same options as graduated filters.

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Many times I have wished that I could add a bit more "something" to my post-crop vignetting (PCV). For instance, I'd love to be able to also modify the saturation.

Currently, the only way I've found to achieve this in LR is by manually applying an adjustment brush and then modifying to taste. This works, more of less, but it's relatively slow and inaccurate (which is, I think, the whole reason the PCV tool was created in the first place).

Essentially, all the capabilities already exist within LR. All that's needed is for the modifier tools (contrast, clarity, saturation, etc) currently found on both the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filters to also be made available on the PCV tool. (And really, isn't the PCV tool just a circular version of a graduated filter?)

Additionally, these extra tools could be nested/hide-able so that they wouldn't clutter the landscape for those who didn't need them.

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  • hopeful.

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Maybe just having a radial-gradient, in addition to the linear one, would do the job?
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Radial gradient - NOW you're talking!
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also seen

I love the Post Crop Vignette and it gets applied to 90% of my work.
It was a great addition when it appeared in LR.

I would like to see it have more controlable options, the gradient and adjustment brushes can all adjust
1. temp
2. tint
3. exposure
4. contrast
5. highlights
6. shadows
7. clarity
8. saturation
9. sharpness
10. noise
11. moire

as these adjustments are currently in place to put this onto a mask, either in a flat form - painting a mask, or a gradient - the gradient tool, it could also be applied to the post crop effect, and many of them would be really useful

Improvements I'd like to see
1. The ability to add more than one vignette, I can add many adjustment brush matts, I can add many linear gradients, but I can only add one vignette.
2. I'd love to see the the ability to control the each of the 4 corners of the vignette
3. pair them up, ie top left and bottom right
and as currently implemented, all synchronised together

based on controlling 1,2,3 or all 4 corners
1. I'd like to be able to adjust the midpoint to be able to offset the vignette centre in both x and y coordinates
2. I'd like to be able to adjust the ends of the vignette separately, the ability to control where the corners of the vignette fade off the image - think of controlling rounded corners on rectangles, buttons etc.
3. I'd like to be able to apply all or some of the standard adjustments that can currently be applied to gradients and to adjustment brushes.
especially useful would be the abilty to drop the clarity and drop the sharpness, thus blurring the vignette, even to the extent that mimics a tilt shift lens, or the same / similar way iphone camera software allows a gradient blur to be added.

The vignette is a great tool, but these enhancements would add more functionality to this.

This idea is a simplification of a post I placed earlier One that suggests taking the idea of vignettes = gradients, but drawing them onto the image with bezier curves - effectively drawing an adjustment mask and then filling it with a gradient that follows the contours of that mask (in a very similar way that a gradient has 3 parallel lines for constructing it) - just with a little more maths.

hamish NIVEN Photography

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I would love it if I could use all the options found in gradients and adjustment brushes on a post-crop vignette. For example, to gain the ability to add -ve clarity around the edges of the photo in vignette shape (or sharpening, saturation, noise, colour, etc..).

This, if done with the current post-crop vignette options of feather, rounding etc.. would give a lot of new creative options, especially if the idea (on here elsewhere) for being able to move the centre of a vignette is also implemented. I do realise that using the gradient / brush acts as a workaround, but in terms of workflow I think this would be a great addition.

Thanks for considering!

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Idea for LR - Vignettes. I will often add a slight Vignette to an image, to draw the eye in. Sometimes the Vignette is very cold - as its neutral. I'd love to be able to warm the vignette in the same way that I can Warm up a graduated filter.

Of course I could add various graduated filters to do this - but that's time consuming. One colour control on the Vignette box would solve this. Warm v Cool

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Consider using a big brush instead of gradients for custom vignetting.
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Hello all -

I am currently working on creating a UI design which attempts to address some of the ideas and discussions you all are having in regards to the post-crop vignette feature in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. During my research, this topic (among others) are helping to inform the future design ideas of the post-crop vignette.

Firstly, I just wanted to thank you all for contributing to the forum and sharing some great information and ideas.

Secondly, I wanted to share my progress with the project. It can be seen on Behance here At the time of this writing I am exiting the Research/Discovery phase and getting started on the Design Phase. If you have any comments or feedback, I would love to hear it.

Thanks for your time.