General Lightroom Mobile Sync Issues

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Once again I find myself overflowing with anger about design decisions made by someone in the Photoshop team. I am sympathetic to bugs and such that make it into releases, but when it appears that things are done intentionally that cause me to lose data or which completely break my existing workflow I find that completely unacceptable. Below are a list of issues specifically relating to the way syncing occurs between Lightroom and Lightroom mobile.

  • Adding a collection adds all of its photos to LR mobile. That makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that removing that collection leaves all of its photos behind. That behavior changed a few versions back and it completely breaks my workflow. I do a photo shoot and then sync a collection of picks to share with the customer. Once the job is done, I remove that collection. The default behavior means I end up with thousands of synced photos that are not in any collection and serve no purpose. I would like the old behavior back, but at a minimum I wish there was a right click option on "All Synced Photos" to remove all photos not in a synced collection. This would give me a fairly easy option to remove the photos that build up over time.
  • Right now, manually removing a photo from the "All Synced Photos" collection removes that photo from all synced collection that it is currently in. This is not at all intuitive and there is no way to undo the change even if you notice that it happened. In trying to deal with the issue in the first bullet, I managed to delete the entire contents of important collections that I needed to keep locally but no longer needed to be synced. This means that if you have a photo that is in more than one synced collection it is very easy to end up permenantly deleting it from one or more of those collections. 
  • The process of restoring a backup of a catalog that has synced photos is ridiculously messed up. Due to the above point, I found myself needing to restore from the previous backup. LR then completely blocks syncing until you basically completely wipe out the local cache for syncing and then manually deleting everything that is already in LR mobile. This means I have to completely reupload the hundreds of photos I want synced. It also means that all of the collection that I have shared have to be reshared, which means I have to contact those people to give them a new address. I am absolutely ok with getting a prompt that notifies me that I have switch to a backup catalog, but at the point I should be given a direct prompt to switch to that catalog for syncing purposes. At that point, LR should check for inconsistancies and either fix them automatically or prompt for specific issues. I imagine in most cases, such as mine, the two catalogs are very close to identical and there would be no syncing issues. 
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I only briefly touched Lightroom Mobile and quickly saw that it's not ready for prime time. Unfortunately a lot of developing effort seems to go into mobile and cloud things these days, where making Lightroom faster would be more appreciated by a lot of people.

That said. You might want to consider Evlaa. It works very well and syncs the data right into Lightroom. The folks at Evlaa are very responsive and helpful. (Sorry Adobe, but...)
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