Lightroom CC for Apple TV: Ability to present images in random orders, by rating, or date range

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I would appreciate that more features would be added on the Apple TV app such as:show pictures in random orders with selection you made. This is how we use it (among other) sharing in family and friends. . Photos as screen saver on TV just continue showing all evening. Selection on such as all five star rated photos.As well add functionality with selection based on years and / or in combination with geotags. Ie multiple selection criteria.
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I've been waiting for the app to get it's update for almost half a year, thinking all the new exciting things going on in Lightroom development would translate in a great experience on Apple TV. Not so long ago update came out but there is not a single visible change in it.

Just like you we use Apple TV as a screensaver for family photos, and Lightroom Apple TV app is atrocious. Old looking (and only) transition looks bad. It interferes with background music if you press play to start a slideshow, photos more often than not are not reloaded to reflect the latest changes in LR library, The app does not remember filtering options, so each time I open All photos it shows me every photo, even if I filtered them out to show 3+ stars last time etc.. It's so bad that I have to export photos to the Photos app, and use Apple Photos on apple TV.
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I wonder if they don't get stats that say no one uses it, so they don't think it's worth updating to be useful enough anyone would use it. <sigh> I thought it was a great idea, and an okay first step, kind of proof that it worked, but I gather they weren't really serious about it.
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Just wanted to get more info from the Adobe team if this is being looked at?
I guess more information will come during the MAX, but I'm considering switching back to Apple Photos, for its much more advanced 'viewing' features.

LR is good for editing, but what good is it if the sharing with family and friends features are so crippled? The point of photography for us, hobbyists is to share those moments in convenient manner. Finding groups of photos, showing them on a TV etc. Apple gets this really good and even implements AI algorithms to create 'memories', albums that you probably care about. More than that, they see who's in those albums and offers to share the photos with those people. 

Strong RAW converter and editing tools are only one side of the story for peaople who's the LR CC audience.
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4K resolution images on LRCC for Apple TV, please, please. Apple Photos does it..........

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Seeing as it doesn't look like Adobe are going to implement this any time soon, I've found a workaround but it requires the use of Lightroom Classic. 

Simply download and install this plugin: 

Then select some photos and chose File > Plug-in Extras > Create shuffled collection...

This creates a new collection of the images in random order which you can select to sync with Lightroom CC. You can't actually view them in random order from within Lightroom CC as Adobe hasn't implemented that feature either, but you can select 'Custom order' from within the web version or on the Apple TV.
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As a minimum, the Apple TV app desperately needs a "Set as Screensaver" button, just like the Photos app. The screensaver is my go-to way to display a photo slideshow in the background, without having to manually fiddle with the UI and push "Play" after every time someone uses the TV.