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Just a feedback because I did not have the time to give it when the window popped last time.

But Adobe is for real ? What is the use of the new Lightroom CC if it doesn't have any use for the professionals. I discovered step by step its limitation and frustration that I don't even understand why this software is on the market.

highest score ---
- Of course we start to be more than enthousiaste when the import is 3 times faster than in the classic version. When you have more than 800 photos in raw version to import, and the import take half the time than the classic version. You think it is heaven, and thank you Adobe.

And After that , I am still in bliss moment, when my editing is as fast and I do not have to pass every time from the bibliothèque to select.

So when you gain so much time and did effortless a work that often was not user friendly on Lightroom classic, you are more than happy and I was still thinking just positively of this new version. 

But here come the pain...

When you look to export your selected photos in high resolution as you used to in the classic Lightroom version, and you sadly discovered it remains just 2 exports formats. JPEG format, I could live without, thanks for the compression or RAW format. But what was the point on doing the editing is just to return to my initial state ?

Great you can export to Photoshop, ... only I still have more than 300 photos than can just be opened and saved individually. Thank you but not thank you. Why did you gain so much time if to lose them to get your tiff version only on photoshop.

- After plenty of sweat, I found my solution, I still have the classic version so I would export my corrected files there,... but no I can't.

-Can I at least rename them and save it into a folder that I could open in my classic version ? ... No I can't rename them either...

- More intrusive all my photos from a private wedding are on Cloud and I consider well can be seen by the world ...

- So, after an headache to export them anyway in Jpeg and reopen in the classic version for at least rename them , and create sadly a fake tiff.  Still convinced of the improvement of the new Lightroom CC gives me a better workflow for editing, I just wanted to import new files from another projects and create a new catalogue, but it was my last shocking moment, I can't.

Every import will be opened in the same catalogue, and would be the continuity of the previous imported files ... who has created this nonsense ...

Did the Facebook and Instagram generation needed really such a powerful tools to edit their photos ? I don't think so ...

Did the Classic Lightroom version needed improvement and fasten the work with a better ergonomics surface .. yes it did, but in the same time the new Lightroom CC should have kept everything a professional need as decent export format for direct print, freedom to rename export files, also the facility to separate every new project on new catalogue ,and most important keeping the privacy of their photos not to be on Cloud.

Do I like the new Lightroom CC, nope. So much greatness lost because it doesn't have the proper tools to finish your work properly ... What was the goal ? 

Do I recommand to a friend  ? neither

Value 2/10 until they go back to previous feature on the classic version useful for professionals.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Johan Elzenga, Champion

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"What is the use of the new Lightroom CC if it doesn't have any use for the professionals."

Did it ever occur to you that there are more non-professionals taking photos than professionals? Why shouldn't Adobe create software for these people too?
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Tom Cooper

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I’m not a professional, but there is so much missing in this program in the way of file searching and the ability to organize and sync files that it is not of much use. This program should have never been released in this form. I really expected a lot more from Adobe.
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Agreed, I'm neither a professional but rather a prosumer. but since I'm a CC suit subscriber for other reasons, thought to give Lightroom CC a try, looks promising and more professional cloud solution for photos than storing stuff on Dropbox or Google Photos.

There are nice touches but also lots of drawbacks, especially the mentioned export things. I don't want to store my photos solely in a cloud solution which is only half ready, without an option to properly export those, especially the ones from mobile which were directly imported and organized in Adobe cloud.

A true two-way sync between Lightroom Classic and CC could solve lots of issues, like proper export, face detection etc. but for now these all seem as workarounds. Looks like Adobe released another product too early in rather beta state, just like with XD as well, for example.
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Tom Cooper

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I agree, I hope they can fix this mess because the basic idea is really a good one.
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Rob Rippengale

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(1) The new reduced-abilities version should be named Lightcloud or Express or something to indicate it is not a replacement for Lightroom. (2) The famous name of Lightroom should be given back to the full-featured program. (3) A module should be given to Lightroom that allows it to properly access Adobe cloud services so we can choose what we store there. (4) The person who dreamed up this shenanigan should be fired.
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Michael Brodt

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I agree that there is a lot missing in Lightroom CC. That being said, Lightroom CC is the way to the future. Yes, it is not as full featured as the Classic version. Yet. But the Classic version was never built for newer workflows, many of which happen either in part or full on mobile devices.

As for the “Facebook Generation”, before you write them off, remember that they and all who come after are the next generation of photographers and artists. They work in new and different ways, so it makes sense for Adobe... or really any company... to make their products for the next generations. You do not need the huge desktops with super-complicated software to make art.

That being said, I sincerely hope that Adobe is listening and focusing on adding in the much needed missing feature in terms of import, organization, editing, round-tripping and sharing. They can play to the future, but they risk falling behind if other software and platforms beat them to the punch.
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Mobile devices could have easily had a new program without stealing the name from the Desktop version. The desktop version has long wanted a way to properly connect with the Adobe cloud storage system. This looks more like an accountant's decision to get everyone to store their images on Adobe servers so we will find it very hard to switch to another cataloging program. I'm not falling for it.