Photoshop CC: Free Transform not working properly with vector shapes

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I select a bunch of mixed layers like shapes, smart objects and text by dragging my selection marquee around them. I am able to move everything around the art-board but when I Ctrl+T and resize the selected objects, ONLY the shapes are transformed. Everything else remains untouched.

I don't want to be that guy that reports all kinds of stuff but there are too many bugs with CC...this program is quickly becoming unusable.

EDIT: OK so this problem only seem to happen when I have the Text tool selected and I hold Ctrl and drag to select (it turns into the black arrow). HOWEVER if I press 'V' to select the move tool and drag that and then use Ctrl+T it works as it should. So the problem lies when the user has the Type Tool selected and uses Ctrl+drag to select objects.
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Posted 6 years ago

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I would really like to have some address my is really a pain in the a** to keep having to switch tools. The shortcut keys should work properly.

So let me say this a different way....maybe I was misunderstood:"

I select the Type tool.

I press Ctrl (Type tool becomes move tool...the black arrow) and drag and select a bunch of objects and layers.SO far so good.

I can move all these objects as I keep Ctrl pressed down. Still good..still following me?

Now I press Ctrl+T (Free Transform).

The box comes up around all the objects.

I begin to resize and only SHAPES AND PATHS are affected during the resize. EVERYTHING ELSE remains untouched...EVEN TEXT LAYERS.

Perhaps this is intentionial in CC. Perhaps there is a setting I am not aware of. Or maybe it is a bug. Either way I would like some kind of answer from someone that knows what is going on.
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Agreed. Same issues here. hopefully you've got this straightened out from eight months ago, but still worth me posting for some sad soul to come potentially. Perhaps it was intended, but I call it a bug. I think I have the solution. If you have multiple layers selected that you'd like to transform (and they're different types of layers: text/shapes/rasterized objects/etc), for some reason if you hit ctrl+t while you are on the type tool, it seems to transform all of the layers EXCEPT the type. Now, when I go through the same process but hit ctrl+t while the move tool is selected, they all transform together properly.

Major issue if you ask me. If this was done purposefully on the part of adobe, I feel the "transform all" should have been the default and the weird work around should have to be done to "transform all except text". I don;t recall this ever being something that has happened in previous versions, but I haven;t used every version out there, so who knows...

You're not crazy my friend, you're right on. Very unhappy with this glitch in photoshop...

Interesting notes to add:

1. This glitch does NOT happen when all objects are in a folder and you transform that folder, only when you are selecting multiple layers.

2. This glitch happens on all tools in the same section as the type tool (Pen Tool, Type Tool, Path Selection Tool & Shapes Tool), but does not seem to be ahppeneing on any other tool. See image below, not sure what the "sections" are called (perhaps this is the vector section?), but everything between the two thin dark gray lines. Makes it even more obvious to me that this is a glitch of some sort and not intentional.