Forgive me, but is this the forum for what was formerly Lightroom CC, nicknamed "Cloudy"?

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If so, I'm wondering what I'm doing "syncing" my LR Classic photos? I just read a long (and interesting) thread explaining that syncing LR Classic to Cloudy just puts lower Rez pictures in my 1 TB of Adobe Cloud space. Is this still correct?

And if I edit a photo in Cloudy then is it automatically synced down to LR Classic as a full resolution version? 

Or does it, perish the thought, REPLACE the full-size version on my Mac with the lower Rez version from Adobe cloud?

My overriding interest is to try out the Cloudy version of LR used on my Mac to see if I prefer it to LR Classic, which I have been using for years.

Also, what is difference between Cloudy (Lightroom Cloud) and Lightroom Mobile?

My LR Classic is:  Lightroom Classic version: 9.2.1 [ 202004070813-7699d98a ]

Thanks for any help--

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Posted 4 months ago

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Smart Previews are usually all you need when editing on a phone or tablet and is fine for tonal adjustments, dodging/burning, cropping, etc.  About the only thing that may be compromised is checking focus but you should have done that in the camera.   Personally, I don't edit images on tiny screens even if I do have full size files as it is these usually un-calibrated devices that compromise quality more than the file size.  

And, yes, we all know that Adobe is a for profit company who's purpose is to make money.  To that end they make decisions.  Sometimes I question those decisions, but I do understand that "in general" the better they make the product, the more money they will make and trust that they understand that.  Having said that I think that at times they go down a path contrary to enticing more profit and also contrary to product improvement.  A prime example is refusing so far to deal with syncing keywords between the systems and just giving a flippant excuse with no explanation.

Yes, it would be "nice" to have an option to store full RAW files from Classic on the Cloud for those who want it (I wouldn't use it as it would not provide any improvement or value to me) but then they'd have to charge for that excess storage and that cost would probably discourage most people from using that option.

But, the bottom line is this.  If you don't think smart previews in the cloud apps is good enough you can use the "Migrate" function to move all your Original files in their original formats to the cloud and just go from there.  But, please read up on this before you take that decision as there are ramifications. 
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Brilliant answers Dan!

May I add: don't hesitate to search for suggestions on this forum and add your vote and comment. Requests for full res sync or 1:1 jpegs already exists :-) Even tough requests are not frequently answered, it's the only way you have for feedback.

Also, those smart previews do not weigh in your 20 Go or 1 To quota, which let you share your entire catalog. This is really nice from Adobe ! Kudos to them ! :-)
(not: videos are not synced by Classic, you have to do it manually and they DO count into your storage quota)