Photoshop: More font-sorting options (Custom Folders, Color Coding) (Font-type folders like Font Expolorer Pro sets - Implemented)

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i've loaded about 1'683 fonts... (more or less) in fontexplorer Pro i made beautiful sets (folders) to organise all of them. I sorted them by type (serif, sans-serif, pixel, whatsoever) it would be an major advantage that those folder or similar ones would appear in the font-lists.. because the alphabetical order is ok. but with too many fonts activated it's so boring to type you through the abc instead of check all fonts of a similar kind...
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It would be great if photoshop CC future updates could bring a Typekit-like font sorting tool.
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I would love it if there were a way to group fonts by category/style to make them quicker and easier to find what you're looking for i.e. ability to create groups labeled "script", "holiday", "serif", "sans serif", "dingbats" etc. Same type of category offerings you'd find on a font website. It would be an enormous timesaver!
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That's brilliant: there should be an option to label fonts. You could label fonts that are sent by your clients, so then you know you can't use this particular font for anyone else. When making projects for regular clients, you also would know right away, which fonts you should use. If some of your fonts are non-commercial, you also should have option to turn this label off when doing commercial projects and vice versa. An option to group fonts in combine with labels would be probably one of the best enhancements to typography tools in photoshop ever made!

But first you need to fix the typography, as it doesn't work properly as we all know.
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It would be nice if you could organize/save your fonts into different catagories of your choosing, ie, Script, Horror, Futuristic, ect. Like you can do with internet browser bookmarks.

Would make it easier to find a specific font that your looking for but forgot what it was called but you know it's a "scary" or "futuristic" type of font.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled PHOTOSHOP - Organize fonts with Custom Groups.

For many graphic designers we have hundreds and thousands of fonts installed on our computers and finding the right one for each project is very important.   The new sorting system is great, being able to star your favorite fonts is awesome and find similar fonts is good too.  But sometimes its not enough.   What I've been wanting to figure out how to do for years is make a custom group of fonts, then as I'm selecting my font for a Zombie movie poster (for example) I can sort through my Grunge group or a Scary Font Group.

Reading briefly through other peoples similar questions on forums, this sounds like it would be a very useful tool.   It wouldnt be hard to add, it would just need to be another drop down menu within the fonts menu and you could have a "Groups" button.   A place where you can create a new group of fonts and add the desired fonts to that group. 

For every project, the perfect font can make all the difference on the quality and effectiveness of the image.   What I usually do is type my text, select the font menu and scroll until I find one that makes sense with the rest of the image.   With this grouping option, less time would be spent toggling through hundreds of fonts.

And if having the option to add and remove from groups is too heavy of a load for the font menu, maybe to edit the groups you could go into the Type section of the menu bar and all editing could be done in there.

I've been trying to get this for years!   I've tried changing file names in their individual properties so my Bold Fonts would be B.Dozer   B.Gaurdians  B.BoomBox  and Grunge would get G.28Days and so on but changing the downloaded fonts makes it unusable in Photoshop.  So with the in program grouping system, fonts can be grouped without damaging the fonts file.   I was excited to see the classes option but it doesnt look like theres an easy way to rename the fonts class and create new classes like what is needed.

I create marketing materials and ads for a large company and I use Photoshop almost 8 hours a day getting paid by the design.   If this new button could be added it would allow me to make designs quicker I could do more with my time and get paid more :)

Thanks for the consideration I love that you guys are willing to listen and take suggestions.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Managing fonts.

It's is very aggravating to have just one enormously long list of fonts. It is hard to navigate, hard to find the correct font, hard to quickly compare between two similar fonts.
This is something that should be solved at the system level, but as long as that is not the case, Photoshop and other Adobe products should add their own way to manage fonts. I would pay money for that.
At the very least, the user should be able to sort their fonts in folders. E.g. "Handwritten" "Dingbats" etc. That would browsing fonts very much more convenient. And it would be easier to compare two fonts also, because similar fonts are near each other. Also, font families, who often have a dozen entries in the list, could be put in their own folder and don't use up that much space.
But in the end, what you really want is a tagging system. It is no coincidence that font websites use a tagging system to search for fonts, it is ideal for this kind of problem.

Also, I think it would be good if you could replace "Sample" with a custom text. For example, if I'm looking for a font for numbers, I'm not interested how letters are rendered with this font.
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Howdy Julius,

Just wondering if you're aware that users can now "favorite" fonts, which can be used as a font face filter.  Similarly, PS ships with the predefined filters of Serif, Slab Serif, San Serif, Script, Blackletter, Monospace, Handwritten, and Decorative.  The way to turn on filters appears when you click the Font Face dropdown -- if you look beneath the control, you'll see a dropdown and other controls.  Check out this screenshot...

Hope that helps,