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RE: Folder Organisation.
Hi, I recently moved from Aperture and am very impressed with a lot of the photo editing tools. The library management aspect of the software needs some work however. My library is around 200,000 photos, so I need to have multi layered project details to organise these. Unfortunately whenever I go to rename a folder, I can't just slow double left click on it to start editing the title like you can in most packages, and indeed the Finder window. That is the easiest way to rename something especially if you want to copy and paste things. It should at least have a shortcut like Apple-R. The need to right click and select rename from the context menu each time is tiresome and with thousands and thousands to organise a bit of a nightmare. Worse though, when you start renaming a folder, it takes about 5 seconds or more to open and again to process. That is definitely not necessary, I don't know anything about coding, but I'm certain the Adobe dev guys can make that near instantaneous like other applications and the Apple folder system, presumably some kind of indexing. That would make a huge difference to my workflow. Cheers. Also, why can you only re-order photos in a collection and not a collection set? That doesn't make sense. Even worse, why can't you re-order your collections? Having them Alphabetical instead of custom ordered means you have to start adding numbers to them to create a custom order, that takes too much time, should be drag and drop. Finally, in the collections browser, if you have a title of any length, you can't scroll left or right to read it. It just truncates the word with a ... and then you don't know what you are looking at unless you right click - rename which as outlined above is very slow too. You just need to copy the finder system to make this intuitive. While I'm at it haha, also you should be able to export a preview if you don't have the master drive connected, mad that you can be looking at a decent res preview but not able to export it (or even drag and drop it out of there). Also, you should be able to export to the Mail app. Emailing from within the app but without your address book is a bit bonkers. Don't get me wrong, love the app, but these problems are annoyances that occasionally make it unusable, like if I want to rename all my folders, it would just take forever.
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