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It feels like new features are getting fewer and further between, but I have a request that is unlike anything out there which - for me at least - would be a big boon to productivity, and that is:

 Focus Detection

Photoshop is already able to figure out on its own what the subject is in an image.  Pull that capability over into Lightroom.  Now with a little more tweaking to the AI have it check to see if the image is in focus and have some kind of indicator as to how "in focus" (or out of focus) an image is.

As a wedding photographer I spend a LOT of time culling images (probably more time culling than editing, sadly enough).  For me focus matters a lot.  And without zooming in 100% it's hard to compare two images to figure out which one has better focus.  And at smaller sizes (where you can see the full image) and even worse, in Survey Mode with multiple images on screen (which I use a lot to compare images) it's next to impossible to determine that an image is less than ideal.

So.... easy win:  After import, have LR flag every image that obviously has nothing in focus.  I could quickly delete all of those images without a second thought.

Next level help:  Have LR determine which images appear to have a subject in focus and have some way of indicating that it thinks the focus is less than ideal.

Going for the gusto:  In Survey mode, being able to hit a button (if necessary) to have LR automatically determine which of the images currently being displayed has the best focus.

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