Lightroom: Finding Duplicate Images

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Would like to be able to see (potentially) duplicate images in my LR catalog in a temporary / smart collection with some sensible choice of discrimination criteria in Preferences. Please!
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Keith Jones

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Posted 8 years ago

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Lee Jay

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If you select the option on import, you shouldn't be able to import duplicates in the first place.
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There is already a feature request for that you can vote for it there:

This is to find similar image/duplicates,... based on image, not on metadata as is what you have in the import option.

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Beat Gossweiler

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Also, there is a Duplicate Finder plug-in which might help in the meantime.

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Walt Sorensen

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Lee, True when importing new images to a catalog checking the "don't import duplicates" option would help. But, there are those of us who have digital files from way before LR and duplicated many files as part of our workflow during those years. It would be nice to have the "don't import duplicates" modified as a "scan for duplicate files" for a collection.

Keith, a good option for you might be a duplicate image finder like mindgem

..and like beat said there is the plug in.
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Michael Bungenstock

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I have published a free duplicate finder plug-in for Lightroom. It's called Teekesselchen and can be downloaded here.
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Walt Sorensen

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What a cool plugin (and open source on github)
I hope the project can continue to be maintained (or brought into LRCC).
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MsLaurie Pepper

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Unfortunately Teekesselchen cannot be installed in lightroom plugins because after installation it cannot be found.
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Steven Freedman

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Deduplication.

Photos are frequently duplicated from multiple sources, sometimes with minor changes in the image, often only with metadata changes.  Adobe truly needs to provide a facility that helps the management of duplicates, that includes removal and bundling. And to do this in a fairly automated manner.  My suggestion is that the app provide a view in which all similar images are bundled and to provide selective unbundling/remove by both manual inspection and/or query.
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Robert Cullen

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Thankyou Michael Bungenstock.!! The Teekesselchen Dulplcate finder has been excellent.

To Steven Freedman- this "Duplicate Finder" will add a keyword to all images that it finds as duplicates AND place them in a Collection so they ARE "bundled" in two ways. Just what you are asking for.
Also this plugin has many options to vary your search for duplicates. You just have to try it to know its strengths and features.
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Alex Greenstein

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I use DuplicateFilesDeleter. You can use it friendly.
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Robert Cullen

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Yes you can use it. BUT if the files you delete are referenced in Lightroom you WILL crap up your catalog with "missing" photos.AND how will you know which of the duplicates you are deleting will not be the one in the Lightroom catalog? Far better to use a program that is a Lightroom plugin.