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Ok I don't understand why everyone seems to be loving the new interface but I'm just going to report on it from my point of view. First of all I need to say that I'm a very frequent user of Lightroom mobile because it gives me (almost) everything that Lightroom Desktop can do but on the go. That's why the Update completely destroyed me when I saw it for the first time because I saw from the very first second of using it that it has some major flaws. I want to help improve the product and that's why I'm writing this review. I like the overall design of the update. The sliders look nice and the Overall UI is just very well designed. But the positive part of my review unfortunately ends here. I know the previous version of the app wasn't perfect and it didn't look very nice. BUT it was using the available screen space in the best way possible. Example: In the previous version when editing a vertical shot, the live preview would turn out fairly large because you would only have one slider at a time at the very bottom of the screen. Now when you want to adjust the brightness, contrast, highlights etc. A giant module pops up that literally covers so much of the screen that the preview of your vertical shot gets squished into the upper part of the screen. My main problems with this is that a typical phone screen already is too small so there is absolutely no need to shrink down the available space even more. In some occasions the module even covers a good part of the picture, making it impossible to edit. Unfortunately I will have to stop using the app if this doesn't change because this isn't something that you can get used to, it makes it quite frankly unusable. I think the new way of categorising the sliders is interesting. I don't like it, but that is something that I can get used to. What I can't get used to though is that with split toning you no longer have a slider for HUE and a separate slider for the saturation. You're simply left with a colour field that has HUE and Saturation combined, making it really hard to get the exact numbers you want. There are a bunch of more smaller things that I don't like including 1. not being able to put your standard three dots on the RGB curve without moving the curve itself, 2.the sliders that are just not as responsive as the ones in the last version, 3. not beeing able to see all the adjustments that you have made on a local adjustment at a brief look. (Example: I have 4 local adjustments on my picture and can't remember which one of the sliders I used to make the sky darker. In the previous version I would just have to quickly tap on one of them to be able to instantly see what adjustments I had made. With the new update you need to select every local adjustments and check every single category to see what kind of adjustments you have made.) I hope that these things will be fixed. I love Lightroom mobile but in its current state it's unusable at least for me. Please don't take this as a hate review (it's not) I'm just trying to give some constructive feedback to hopefully make it better. I know you guys at Adobe can do it. I will obviously give 5 stars when at least the problem with the vertical picture editing will be fixed. Thanks for reading my review.
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