Lightroom CC: Ability to sort by custom user order

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I would like to switch to the new Lightroom CC, but being able to sort images in my collections/albums by Custom/User Order like I can in Classic is an absolute requirement for my workflow.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Any news? It's really annoying, how can you use Lightroom CC to edit your photos when you... cannot edit them? Come on, it's a 100% priority!
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For now I have to manually change filenames in a sequence I wish to appear and select sort by filenames in Lightroom CC. Await for the new fix from Adobe!
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Phillip Wilson

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Am I right in thinking this still is not implemented?

Very disappointing to see these messages over the span of 2 years for something very basic.

Without being able to organise photos inside an album the software doesn't make any sense. I, for now will use the file renaming method as John Huang has mentioned in a previous post but am truly perplexed by this missing functionality.

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I totally agree!
This feature is imperative to be able display the images how I want to see them.

There is a Custom Order option from the Sort menu in Lr CC but even when ticked it doesn't allow you to drag the images around to change the order like you can in Classic. Why can't it upload and present the images in Lr CC in the sequence shown in my Lr Classic Collection?

This doesn't seem to be a tall order but yet it's still not implemented. Come on Adobe, get your finger out!
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The ability to set a Custom Order within the cloud ecosystem exists in LrWeb, LrMobile and LR Classic (LrDesktop will DISPLAY the Custom Order, but cannot yet to used to set it). Sure, it would be good if all the apps in the system had the identical features, but we have to remember that all these apps have been developed in different timescales on different platforms, and while convergence remains a goal of Adobe it will likely take some time to fully deliver it. 

The effort to deliver convergence also has to be balanced against the goal of continued development and delivery of new features, so provided I can achieve what I need to do somewhere in the system I'm usually prepared to accept the current balancing act (albeit sometimes reluctantly). Not everyone will see things the same way, of course.

In terms of the specific Custom Order functionality, I use LrWeb almost exclusively for that purpose as it additionally allows "story-telling" in the form of added text and separators, which is very useful when sharing albums.
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Jim - I think everyone understands the balancing act software developers need to play. Our point is they are currently getting it wrong, and this needs to be prioritized.
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Tracy Connery

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NEED the custom re-order feature as it has been for years. It should be standard that you can reorder images manually - drag and drop - in the software application! Necessary for efficient workflow. Gob-smacked this wasn't considered necessary as THE leading photo editing/management software in the marketplace.