Feature Request for Adobe Photoshop

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Please consider adding these features 

1. Live brush previews
    Hovering the brush over the workspace could show how a brush stroke would look like.

2. Some more live stuff(By hovering)
    i.blending options
    ii.colour lookups
    iii.And gradient
(I have these requests mainly. But there are more)

3. Option to edit in external editor(not plugin)
    I mean exporting a tiff or psd to a external standalone editor

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Dilip Parasu

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Posted 1 month ago

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Johan Elzenga, Champion

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Why would you want to export an image from Photoshop to an external editor? Photoshop is an editor that is as good as it gets... And specialized editors can usually be linked to from Photoshop as plugin. Finally, Photoshop is scriptable so you could script this already.
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If I were you, I'd make one feature request (Idea) for the hover-preview. Separate that from the edit in external editor. I know LR has that, but it's so easy to save as TIF or JPEG and open it in other editors that the priority for that convenience is probably as low for others as it would be for me. I do it all the time, and don't think it does that much to enhance Photoshop's capabilities.

The Hover Preview, otoh, I do think would greatly enhance our workflow and productivity—how many times have we had to undo because we couldn't see before we performed a task with a brush? And it's not as if PS doesn't have the technology. We've got it with Clone Stamp and Patch tool.

Why it's not been extended to all brush previews that it's possible to apply this feature to, when it's so provably useful, I don't know, but if you separate Hover Preview in the Brush tip from the Edit In Outside Editor feature, I'll vote for that. I imagine if the Edit In is separate, you'll catch LR users who are used to having Edit In for outside editors.
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Dilip Parasu

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The reason I ask for these features because I am planning to jump from affinity and acd see combination to Photoshop.

Affinity doesn't have PS plugin.

I might jump to it at times.(so I ask for external editor)

Also my feature request is something that I love in affinity and making me think to jump to PS..

I won't use Lightroom because I am not a Catalogue type of guy. I manually organise my photos.
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Cristen Gillespie

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Yup, I've got Affinity, not to mention having several Topaz standalone plugins , and I understand your requests. I don't use LR because of the catalog, too.  I simply don't care that much whether or not Edit In becomes part of PS. It doesn't impact my workflow that badly—though it can be a nuisance. Your workflow, and the workflows of others, may be more seriously impacted than mine.

And that's why I suggest you separate your requests—they're two very different requests, and it's important to Adobe they know what is being voted for, and helpful to users to be able to vote for features they want without automatically voting for features that don't particularly interest them.