Photoshop: Feature improvements to blur & smudge tools

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I have a dear request to Adobe for future updates of Photoshop to improve how the blurs and smudges works. Because these tools are so widely used and yet so outdated that they actually are problematic to work with. This includes the smudge and blur in the "tools menu" and "radial blur" in Effects. 

To explain the what is lacking:

Blur Effects in general:
Any of the "old" blur effects, gaussian blur, motion blur and Radial blur are all often used with masks on smart layers, and to have things blurred in selected areas. Problem is that masking only makes the blur more and less transparent instead of actually increasing or decreasing the blur amount. If the mask could affect the blur amount, it would give a LOT better results and increase the usefulness of these effects greatly! 

Radial Blur filter effect:
This Effects is so outdated that its almost unusable. the preview image doesn't even depict the right aspect ratio of your canvas and makes it very hard to pick the right starting point for the effect. The effect is also very slow and in desperate need of GPU support and optimizations. 
The radial blur (particularly the zoom) is a very useful tool, but it should be re-programmed and implemented the same way as the other blur gallery tools. 

Motion Blur Effect:
This effect also need re-thinking, in addition to being able to choose what areas of the image gets motion blur with increasing and decreasing amount it would be nice if you could select direction in a 3d Space, so the motion blur could be 2d directional or inwards/outwards. That way it could replace the Radial blur zoom in fact. 

The Smudge tool:
This is a tool a lot of people use for multiple purposes. But it suffers GREATLY from bad optimized code. Try smudge a high resolution image with a large soft brush and no matter how powerful your machine is, it completely breaks down. This tool should be GPU optimized. Just take a look at Procreate where you can smudge freely with full framerate on high resolution images on an iPad Pro!!!

Blur tool:
This tool is too slow! if you set the tool at 100% and want to blur areas of a large resolution image, you have to hold tool for ages over that image area. It feels like when drying a wet hair with a crappy airblower. there should be a slider increase of at least 10x!
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