LIGHTROOM Facial recognition: thumbnails not displaying full number

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When using the new face detection functionality in LR CC, "Named People" are represented in People view as a thumbnail, which, along with the name iyself, includes the total number of images associated with that person. However, once the number of images exceeds 100, the thumbnail display truncates the number so that the last digit isn't shown, e.g. 254 becomes 25... If you hover your cursor over the thumbnail then the full value (e.g. 254) is displayed.

This is on Windows 7. Looks like a definite bug to me.
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Mark Swaisland

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Posted 4 years ago

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Daniel Talbot

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Yes, it truncates names too.
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Mark Swaisland

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Names I could understand (if they're long enough), but chopping off the total number of images associated with a person seems very counter-intuitive, and this is happening for me even with relatively short names.

I can't see why Adobe would deliberately design the UI in such a way that it makes it impossible to easily see how many detected faces have been set as a named person - they might just as well have left the number off altogether!
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Benjamin Warde, Employee

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Hi Mark,

I'll pass this feedback along, but in the meantime, you can always see how many faces are associated with a particular name by looking in the Keyword List panel.

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david hancock

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I just posted this as a bug as i didnt see this item, have just been pointed to it. This is 2 months old!!!! and there has been a release since then. you telling me a simple bit of UI code couldnt have been managed to solve this.
and no i dont want to look in the kwl panel.
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Steve Long

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Just upgraded to lightroom 6 on win 10 and I'm getting this problem too. Most of my files contain faces and I've spent a lot of time confirming identities to find the GUI can't display more than a two figure number in the grid once the thumbnail slider is above halfway. Not the end of the world but hey, if I'm giving you over £100 for a bit of software I'd like the bugs ironed out of it please. You're ADOBE not some tin pot bedroom code monkey!
Sort it out please.
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Fred Kilbourn

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Win 10 and LR 2015.10 - still seeing this behavior.