face recognition: generate a PDF from the thumbnails.

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In the "Named People" panel, thumbnails are generated by LR to show the most recent example of each named face. I work with a lot of faces, and often it is impossible to match faces from the "Unnamed People" panel to faces in the "Named People" panel because I can't see all the named faces: they are scrolled out of view after just 5 or 6 rows. (I have about 400 different faces I need to name in one project, spanning 8 years, so their faces change), and maybe 600 in another.) No, I don't process them all in one swoop, but even then there are often 50 or 60 named faces for a set of folders. The thumbnail panel just isn't big enough. (I used three 1920x1080 monitors)

Using the "locked" option on the F11 screen isn't good enough. Way too slow.

And no, double clicking on the named face to go to the Confirmed/Similar screen isn't good enough. Yes, it is a big help, but the recognition algorithm there isn't same as on the Named/Unnamed page. Often the "Similar" panel can't find a face even if the correct name is used as the hint in the "Unnamed People" panel. I find this just weird.

One solution is to undock the "Named People" panel so I can move it to another monitor. That would be helpful.

But, I have people spread across different catalogs because there are many photos covering many years, so my preference would be to generate a PDF of the thumbnails from the "Named People" panel. I could then open the PDF (from this catalog or any of the other catalogs) to remind myself who is who.

One additional feature is needed: Being able to designate which photos can be used as a thumbnail. Many times the most recent photo is not the best one. I need to be able to tag a named face as "use as thumbnail". If there are multiple tags, then the most recent one is used. (Those tags would also help me select the best photos, in case I want to make prints for the project.)

A bonus would be able to generate a PDF from the "Unnamed People" panel. Then I could send the PDF to someone close to that project and ask them to help identify the people.

Agree? Disagree? Enhancements?

I am feeling... hopeful  :)
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