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When entering names on Unknown faces, it seems far too easy to change the case of a name.

In almost all cases I use, the first letter is capitalized. When entering a new label it seems that by mistake, it is all to easy to change the case to all lower case.

If as can happen the labels applies to 1000 images, then these all show up as "Changed in catalog" and require saving. If you do not notice immediately, then they need to be re-saved later when you notice the change and then correct the error.

This is a massive waste of time and backups, as each change not only is reflected in the original, but in all the backup versions as well
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Posted 5 years ago

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Here's one way to reproduce the problem:

When entering a person name for a new face rectangle, type in the name of an existing person in all lower case, followed by a space. That will change the corresponding keyword to be all lower case. If you don't type the trailing space, then the face rectangle will get the existing mixed-case capitalization, regardless of the case you typed.

Note that this behavior does not occur when you enter different-case keywords in the Keywording panel.

Is there another way of triggering this bug?
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The way I can trigger it is this one: I start typing somebody's name in the label (e.g. "Cha". Then LR suggests the full name, ("charles") but it's lowercase. Then 2 scenarios can be triggered:

1) If I press Enter, the suggested keyword is replaced by the correctly capitalized keyword ("Charles"). "Enter" again, and it's confirmed, and everything's okay

2) If I click outside of the label, in an empty space outside of the Photos, the wrong-lowercase keyword (charles) is validated and entered, and worse still, my original keyword casing ("Charles") is replaced by this one ("charles") in the catalog.

The only way to fix the problem once it has happened, is to go to the keyword list, doble click on the changed keyword, and correct the casing. The problem is noticing when it happens... otherwise things can get messy quickly.
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I am able to reproduce this issue as described by John, and have reported it to the Lightroom engineers.

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Thanks much.
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Official Response
This was fixed in the CC 2015.1 / 6.1 Update.
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I am using Lightroom 6.2.1 and this behaviour has NOT been fixed (or else it's a new problem).

I am typing in full names in Faces, with the first letter of each name capitalised (the CORRECT way to do it). But when I start to type in a new name that has not appeared before (e.g., "James Smith"), the first word, "James", is automatically converted to "james" (accompanied by a loud beep). When I try to go back to the beginning of the word (whether using the keyboard arrow keys or the mouse) and change it back to being capitalised, the program just throws me out of the editing window and records the name with the lowercase.

Then, if I try to change it to a capital after this, it keeps reverting back to the lowercase. In order to change it to the correct name, I have to make up a fake name first, then wait for it to update, and then change it again back to the correct capitalisation. Even this does not always work and I have to try this process again.

This is ridiculous! I refuse to submit to having my Faces names lowercased and don't understand why Adobe would make this happen. What happened to user control??
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When I follow the steps you describe in my LR CC 2015.2.1 (OS X 10.10.5), I don't get the symptoms you observe. When I type "James Smith" (never having typed that before), the case is properly preserved.

It may be that you already had a lower-case keyword "james smith" in the catalog's keyword list and you weren't aware of it. (LR stores face names as keywords.) Try entering a entirely new face name guaranteed not to be in the catalog: "Zyx Cba". Is the case preserved?

An easier way to correct the case of an existing face name is to find it in the Keyword List panel on the right-hand side of Library view. Right-click the keyword and select Edit, then correct the case.
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Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, this is not a solution for my problem. Those names are in my keyword list, but all are capitalised correctly, so I really don't understand why it is defaulting to lowercase. Anyway, it's mainly a problem while I am introducing new faces, so I guess once most are done, it won't be quite so irritating. Thanks.
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This sounds like a different problem than that described by others here and fixed. So it would help Adobe and others to get more details. If you enter an entirely new face name never before typed into LR, e.g. "Zyx Cba", does it transform it to all lower case?
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It only seems to happen when real first names are entered, but not consistently. So, for example, when I put in "Jeremy" followed by a space, it defaults to lowercase. There is no Jeremy in my keywords as I don't know anyone of that name. And yet, for other names, such as "Margaret", for example, it doesn't change to lowercase. It's very peculiar and I don't understand what the problem is. I will keep going and see if I can discern any pattern to this and will get back to you if I can spot anything that makes sense.