Photoshop: Ability to eyedropper a brush preset

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WHAT IF: There was an Eyedropper tool but instead of color it would detect which dang brushes you used at a given point and give you list of those options.

OR WHAT IF: the History pallet had a flyout menu where it not only logs which stroke you made with which tool, but ALSO the PRESETS.

OR, or what if maybe I'm just using search wrong and this already exists! 
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hellooo Stevie,  

Nice suggestion, but not sure if its warranted.   We already have layers that show a history, and we have history layers.   We have presets if we have a favorite tool.   All of your "what if" suggestions may get attention but I think you are too far into the future.   Some of what you mentioned already exists.  Good thinking scientist.  

Become a technician or a programmer to see how tough it is to make this stuff happen.   Photoshop contains a lot of robust programming.  I think you may be overwhelming if you could see its under-code or source code.  For instance, there are codes per each color, not just the color name.   The most simple code for colors is 000000 and all 6 zeros mean the color black.   But it gets so complex after that and all color codes have 6 characters.   Another example, the color of tan code is FAD8B6.    Doesn't make sense?   Get into coding and you will see why codes are like this.  

After that, get into just one movement which could take 8 lines of coding.   And then, keeping it within an energy margin so your processor won't overheat from it all, all of it needs to be brief.   Just moving your mouse vigorously in a circle, over and over, can make your computer processor work to its maximum.   The processor locates which pixel your pointer is pointing at, with so many pixels to the west and so many from the east and south and north, your processor keeps track of its location per each tiny and large movement.  Think about how much programming your computer has.  Photoshop is truly BIG.   

Steve Lehman mcse
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Sorry, but that could never happen. There are an infinite number of brush combinations which you can create, so how would Ps ever be able to tell which?
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This would be a useful addition to Illustrator, where such information would be stored. Adding sugh a feature to Photoshop would be the equivalent of creating a magnifying glass that analyzes a painting and then produces a copy of the artist who painted it.
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This is like a rerun of another thread where we concluded most companies would never divulge their projects, and some works are protected with copyrights.   And for beginners to learn, they get to the first tool and stop because its too hard.  Examples won't serve as a learning tool.  You would be better off teaching and make a little money too.   That's why pro's like it.   Keep things the way it is.   It works well that way.