PHOTOSHOP CS6: Extended depth of field (EDOF) problems

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I need help as to why the extended depth of field feature in Photoshop CS6 (and in the previous versions with EDOF) does not always work properly. Attached are three files which illustrate the problem.

I have used a Better Light scanning back to create these images, which are a fine art exercise consisting of an image of a metal folding step ladder sitting on a larger arm chair with an upholstered back in an orange fabric. I made two exposures, one focused on the cloth back of the larger chair and the other focused on the step of the small step ladder - that is the while object running laterally through all of these files. Since the files are so large I have cropped them and saved them as JPGs to reduce the file sizes to minimize your download time.

The two TIFF files output from Better Light were opened in Bridge CS6 and then loaded into two Photoshop CS6 layers with the “Tools – Photoshop – Load Files into Photoshop Layers” command. This works fine. I then used the “Edit- Auto Align Layers” command in Photoshop. No problem here. I wanted to send you the file with the two cropped resulting layers, but even though I have cropped the file substantially, the cropped file with two layers was still 249 MB, much too large to email. So I have split this aligned file into 2 separate files and then saved as JPGs; “File 1 far layer” is the layer of the aligned file which is focused on the chair fabric; “File 1 near layer” is the one focused on the step of the ladder on the chair.NOT UPLOADED AS APPARENTLY ONLY ONE IMAGE CAN BE UPLOADED TO THIS FORUM

After the aligned file was completed in Photoshop I then used the “Edit – Auto blend layers” command, which selected what should be the sharpest pixels from each file, and combined them into a single image. I flattened this file. “File 2” is a cropped portion of the resulting file after it has been flattened. SEE BELOW

You will see that areas of the fabric adjacent to the white step are out of focus, even though all of the fabric in the original file used in the auto blend is in sharp focus, as you can see in “File 2 far layer”. Thus the program has selected the wrong pixels.

How can I correct this? Am I doing something wrong, or does the program not work the way it should? I would appreciate any help you can give me on this matter.

Thank you very much!

R. Wayne Parsons

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R. Wayne Parsons

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