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Sometimes, when I export an image to a new subfolder, the new folder containing the new image file does not appear in the LR catalog folder tree in the left panel, but the file and new subfolder have, in fact, been created and can be seen in Windows Explorer. Something is preventing the catalog database from being updated with this new folder structure. Closing and reopening LR resolves the problem.

Some system details:
- Windows 10 (all current updates)
- LR Classic build 1200465 (but this problem is not new to this build, it has been happening for a long time and I am only now reporting it)
- Catalog file is 900MB
- Images start as CR2 and get converted to DNG on import

I have a workflow process that uses a hierarchical folderstructure like this:

Root folder with name including date





Root Folder The root folder in the structure is created with each import process and initially contains all the files. In this folder, I black-flag the bad pics and immediately delete them. Any which might be worthy of keeping and processing are moved to a new 2-Selects subfolder which I create beneath the root. I move all the remaining files to the 1-Discards subfolder, which I also manually create beneath the root, where they stay until I am sure I don't want to keep them anymore. When finished, there are no files in the root folder.

1-Discards All files will be deleted eventually.

2-Selects In this folder, I white-flag the images I want to process, and then using a custom export preset, I export new copies to a new subfolder, 3-Masters, leaving the original copies in the 2-Selects folder for redundancy. The export preset is set up with Export To: ‘Same folder as original photo’, and checked both ‘Put in Subfolder’ “3-Masters” and ‘Add to This Catalog’, without changing the file format. (BTW, I would like to have the option for this folder to go to the same level in the hierarchy as the 2-Selects folder, rather than as a new subfolder beneath it, but LR doesn't allow this.)

3-Masters  Because I want this folder to be at the same level beneath the root folder as 2-Selects, I have to move it (by dragging) from under 2-Selects up to the root, which works fine. I do all my editing in this folder. Sometimes editing involves using external editors, like Photoshop,which creates a new TIF copy, so I can end up with a mix of formats. After an image has been processed I export it to a new subfolder, 4-Finals, using a custom export preset that changes the format to high res TIF. As with the previous export to subfolder process, I am left with the new 4-Finals subfolder beneath the 3-Masters subfolder, which I don’t want, so I have to drag the 4-Finals folder up to the root folder, which ranks it at the same level as the 3-Masters folder. I think this is where myproblem begins.

Once I have moved a subfolder up one level in the hierarchy, if I subsequently export again to the same location in the hierarchy as the original subfolder, LR does in fact create the new image file and subfolder, but it does not show them in the catalog. This will continue to happen until I exit LR and reopen it, which seems to reset the catalog database correctly, and subsequent exports to the 4-Finals folder do in fact get added to the catalog correctly, but only if I have deleted the previously created 4-Finals subfolder and its image files (using Windows Explorer) which the catalog was missing.

I have been able to work around the problem, but it would be nice if it can be fixed.

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