Photoshop: Export As can be done in 2 places, but behaves differently in both

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To reproduce, compare the two methods below...

  1. Select multiple layers
  2. FILE > EXPORT > 'Export As'
RESULT:  The Export As dialog box shows ONE thumbnail.
Exporting this will produce one image made up of the selected layers.

  1. Select the same multiple layers
  2. In the top right of the Layers Panel click the hamburger icon.
  3. Select 'Export As' from the drop menu
RESULT:  The Export As dialog box shows MULTIPLE thumbnails, each one being a single layer. Exporting this will result in multiple image files, - one for each layer.

I can understand the need to perform either method, but the command should not be the same for both.

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Posted 7 months ago

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Yeah, when Exporting from the Layers panel, the contextual should be smarter and say Export Layer(s) As...

To be honest though, i almost always advise users to not use Export As due to all the bugs and weird workflow quirks like this. While a good idea when implemented, but it's never received the attention it needs to become a useful tool for professionals, and for the average user, it's just plain confusing.
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Yes, totally agree,.. after writing my original post I played around a lot more with the Layers > 'Export As' feature (on the right) and discovered just how BUGGY it is.
  • Half of the thumbnails did not load (actually you can see the loading spinners in my screen shot).  
  • The canvas size for each layer is not consistent (the canvas is 120x120). There should be a check box to set the exported canvas's to "layer size" or "canvas size".
  • When selecting all thumbnails to change the canvas size all at once (as a means of overcoming the inconsistent sizing) it only changes the first one !
For "Professional" software (quoting the rather arrogant response from Yves Crausaz below) you would expect a fundamental feature like this to be easy and reliable.    What makes me so angry is that PS has been developed and honed for years, yet we still have such fundamental issues.   and we pay a lot of money for it !
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La copie d'écran n'est pas assez parlante, le dialogue de gauche et barre des menus, Fichier/Exporter sous...
Le dialogue de droite est Calque/ Exporter sous....

PS étant un outil pour les professionnels, il faut admettre qu'il nécessite un peu de bonne volonté pour en apprendre les fonctions ! Et une fois qu'on à vu ce qui résulte des ces 2 dialogues, qui n'ont pas la même origine, Ficher ou Claque, on est en droit de croire que l'opérateur soit capable de comprendre les différences ! Il peut être nécessaire de parfois enregistrer les calques dans des fichiers individuels !

The copy of screen is not rather eloquent, the dialogue of left and bar of menus, File / to Export under...
The dialogue of right is Layer / to Export under....

PS being a tool for the professionals, it is necessary to suppose that he requires a little of goodwill to learn functions! And once they in seen what what result of these 2 dialogues, that have no same origin, to Do or Bangs, they are entitled to think that the operator is able of understanding difference!
It can be necessary to sometimes record layers in individual files!