Photoshop: Expand the powers of the Oil Painting filters.

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Cool as they are, seems to me the oil paint filter(s) could be improved. I'm not a programmer but have some sense of what might be done. Result would be a tool with a lot of sliders and huge capability to produce more "realistic" "paintings."

The palette knife gets partway there.

If such blobs can be defined in the first place, they can be related back to the original image.

Take each blob. Choose a random, or not random, line across it. Make a simplified line of color dots along it based on the blob's "base" in the original image. Make a brush stroke over the blob with the line of dots. Fit to the blob could be adjustable.

Lotsa possabiddlies starting from the adjustments in palette knife:

Blob shape. Slider to make more or less round/jagged maybe influenced by brush shape. Think real oil brushes, not circles.

Variations on line across the blobs:

Straight, curved. Another slider.

Ranges on brush orientation from random (with various constraints like random over a range of angles), to tightly constrained.

Variations on the line of color dots:

Dot size, color gradient (like brush dipped in multi colors), treatment of adjacent dots for effect, color change tools.

Variations on brush stroke:

Follow boundary of blob. Daub. Various straight, curved. Trickier would be paint stiffness and flow off the brush, bristle taper and flex.

Could have a "surprise me" button where PS chooses all the settings randomly.

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I would love to see the color gradient as input, perhaps also using clone source / patterns as a possible source as well

Perhaps using Photoshop brushes (or at least a selection of standard ABR brushes)

More jitter, more randomization.

Perhaps could use lighting (such as the lighting filter) as a source as well

The oil paint filter is a great tool but it does take quite a few repeats as well as experiments to achieve really good paint effects. Combined with lighting effects and masks and repeats as well as noise etc, some really wonderful color oil paint effects can be achieved but the suggestions above.. they would make a great tool a really core tool of Photoshop