Lightroom: Expand and improve the Loupe Info Display

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I like the Loupe Info Display very much -- it allows me to see at a glance the camera settings and other important metadata about the image I'm working on.

But the display is too limited.

I would love to have more than just three lines of data visible at once.

I don't like having to continually toggle between two different sets of Loupe Info data in order to see all the stuff I want to know in just a simple, single glance.

Plus, there are several categories of data that are not currently available but should be. For instance:

Please include Flash Exposure Bias as an option to be listed. That data is actually available, buried deep in the Advanced Metadata Exif Data which you can painstakingly access by opening the image in Photoshop and drilling down in the metadata hierarchy.

When shooting with on-camera flash during night events, I often input separate camera exposure bias and flash exposure compensation -- and it would be great, in terms of analyzing the results, to be able to see both those bias or compensation factors displayed at once in the Loupe Info Display.

Currently you can only display camera exposure bias -- and not flash exposure bias at all.

Also: I shoot with full frame cameras, a 1.6 crop factor camera, and a Canon G12 which has a small sensor and a lens that zooms from 6.1 to 30.5 mm.

I always like to see the lens focal length, especially with zoom lenses, and it would be great if Adobe added, at least as an option, a simple arithmetical compensation function that would automatically translate the crop cameras' zoom setting into a 35 mm full frame equivalent (perhaps in parentheses).

For instance, if I'm shooting at a 94 mm setting on a zoom lens mounted on a 1.6 crop camera, I'd like an option to display the lens focal length as "94mm (eqv. 150.4 mm)".

It can be argued that the numerical translation would not be perfectly equivalent with the G12 and other small (or very large) sensor cameras that have a somewhat different aspect ratio than the 2:3 ratio of the classic 35mm full-frame -- but, ignoring that, I would still like the arithmetical translation, so if my G12's lens is zoomed to 9.4 mm, Lightroom would also display it as having the rough equivalence of (if my arithmetic is correct) 43.17 mm in 35 mm full frame terms.

Finally . . . please add greater user control over the font size of the display.

All the above additions I've suggested would be as options . . . so if some users prefer things exactly as they are now, they would not be inconvenienced, while many other users would, I think, like and use the additional options that would make the Loupe Info Display feature even more versatile.

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Posted 8 years ago

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This is old, but the need is still present.

I use IPTC instructions and keyword fields to add info I need to access when developing, and hence would like to be able to see that in the Develop module.

And hello Adobe: there are IPTC fields/tags like instructions and dimensions and such that are stored there for just that reason, yet those tags are even allowed in the loupe view. Huh?
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I absolutely agree. For me it would be keyword information mainly that I need in loupe info, especially names which have been assigned to that picture. Otherwise you need to switch back and forth between development and library module, which takes WAY too much time (and is unnerving).
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I agree. Please add one or more rows to "info overlay"!