Photoshop: Add even spacing align (distribute space) like Illustrator

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Something I love in illustrator is spacing out objects evenly no matter the object's width. IE: putting 20px between each differently shaped nav item.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hi Julian, great idea.

There is a workaround that may work for you in the meantime. Trevor Morris has created some slick scripts to do this:

Distribute Layers Horizontally - This script distributes all selected layers horizontally, so that the layers are evenly spaced.

Distribute Layers Vertically - This script distributes all selected layers vertically, so that the layers are evenly spaced.
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Oh, this is fantastic, I was searching for it a lot. Thank you very much!
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Great - thanks for the link Paul! I must have missed it the first time you posted it ...
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Help! Once I installed the script, and restarted photoshop cs6 I was not able to choose it in file>scripts.
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This also happened with me. I'm on a Mac and sometimes when saving files from the web, it adds .txt to the end of the file, making it a text file. You can rt-click the file and click "Get Info" and change the file extension to .jsx

When I did this, I re-opened Photoshop and it was therein the scripts.
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while aligning something is nice to have, it can be done manually, if all fails. what I would like to see is a "spread randomly" (both in PS and AI), since good randomness is incredible hard to achieve.
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Yes, you can do it manually but the needed time increases with the number of objects you want to align. Plus you have to repeat it every time you change the content. E.g. when you change the text of a horizontal navigation bar.
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Also important is for the distribute and align features to move shapes within a pixel grid!
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Please, please, please, please.

Thank you :)
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Will be really handy if Distributing function is per layer bounds not per layer centers. Not so handy now as I can evenly distribute layers with even measures ...


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Add a spacing control in the layer alignment panel - the same kind of control that already exists in Illustrator, InDesign and Fireworks ...

I have been waiting for this in Photoshop for ages, but I still have to measure and space layers manually using rulers etc. If it can be done automatically in the other CS software why not in Photoshop as well?

As an example, it would be really useful for laying out buttons - create your button layers, specify a spacing distance and it's done. No need to lay out guides, measure distances and so on.

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Photoshop: Spacing control in the Alignment panel?.
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In InDesign there is a very nice feature called "Distribute Objects", which means: ID will distribute objects (horizontally or vertically) depending on the space in-between those objects. Unfortunately PS does not get this, although there is a feature with the same name, but it only distributes layers according to their center/left or right side. The result: gaps between objects that do not have the same width. This feature would come in so handy! Why hasn ́t anybody thought of it yet?

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Photoshop: Distribute Objects/Layers.
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​With the Move Tool selected, the horizontal and vertical sorting tools "Distribute vertical centres" & "Distribute horizontal centres" do exactly that, they distribute distances or sort objects in relation to their centre. This works fine if you have objects that have​​ equal proportions and size, but breakes down when you try to distribute distances between object with different ​withs and heights.
​The result of distributing objects with different proportions​ is practically unusable and ugly, and often times you get overlapping objects.
Those tools can be enhanced to calculate the edges of each object, figure out their size, and then distribute equal amount of distance between the selected objects. Bottom line... make them smart.

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Photoshop Smart Distribute Tools.
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I wouldn't change them because sometimes this behavior is desired and I don't want this functionality to become more complicated. I would add a new button "align with fixed distance" - next to the buttons you showed in your screenshot - and open a dialog where you can enter the number of pixels that should be between all objects + the orientation (horizontally/vertically). [ OK ] and done.
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Space evenly from fireworks to photoshop.

I think Photoshop should have the ability to space layers evenly. Simply add the "Space evenly" function from Illustrator or Fireworks into photoshop. Its annoying having to eyeball menu items, in webdesign
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I need this in Photoshop, really time saver!
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I have an extension panel that works with PS CC and 2014 that distributes layers based on the spaces. You can get it here:
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I would also appreciate this thing built into Photoshop. Especially in the horizontal menu items in web design.
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Here it is:

How to install in inside a script, but here it is:

1. Place script in:
PC(32): C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS#\Presets\Scripts\
PC(64): C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS# (64 Bit)\Presets\Scripts\
Mac: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS#/Presets/Scripts/
2. Restart Photoshop
3. Choose File > Scripts > Distribute Layer Spacing Horizontal
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This I know, but I do not consider it a good solution. Scripts are slow. Every time I'm not on my PC I have to re-download the file. I use this feature often. There is no a button on the toolbar where you can quickly and easily click. I must always browse the menu. You can set it shortcut, but you must devise a shortcut that is not assigned to anything and then it learned. Instead of a single button on the toolbar there are three and neither does what I want. Moreover, it is inconsistent in comparison with illustrator
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I use Photoshop to distribute my element have different size (text or objects) but can't success.




I found this script but for along time no update Adobe Photoshop Scripts | Trevor Morris Photographics


I used Firework, Sketch they work well


Can you consider to update feature in next update