Lightroom 5: Erratic focus with full screen and zoom

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With LR5 64-bit, which is great overall, when I zoom to 1:1 in the develop module I get a sharp image within a fraction of a second, but when I then go to full screen, the full screen image is usually out of focus (not sharp), and stays out of focus unless, oddly, I use the arrow keys to advance to the next image in the film strip and then return, at which point it usually quickly regains sharp focus. The same thing usually happens when I go to full screen first and then zoom to 1:1. Sometimes, however, I do get a sharp full screen or full screen zoomed image immediately. I'm using a computer with 8 GB of RAM, and 8 logical processors, and it seems to handle everything else in LR5 with ease, including maintaining sharp focus (once I have it) when I drag a zoomed image to look at another part of it on my screen. Any idea what is going on, and how to fix it (other than just continuing to advance an image and return)?
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I have the same issue. I am working on a MacBook Pro Retina and have all my huge DNG-files on an external harddrive and my previews (2.880 size) on my SSD.

I view photos in the library-mode in the magnifier-view (shortcut on mac is "E") and the the photos is shown immediately. But when I want to view the same photo in the fullscreen-view (shortcut on mac is "F"), it take quite a while to load the photo to get sharp. This issue is quite annoying, because it seems that lightroom tries to load the photo in the fullscreen-view from my (slow) external harddrive instead of using the preview from my (fast) SSD.

I really would appreciate to fix this issue!
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I'm also suffering this problem, when I hit F to view an image full-screen very often it looks like it suddenly isn't sharp, but fuzzy-ish. It doesn't try to load or anything, just sits there. If I then press V to make the image monochrome it immediately renders with the correct sharpness level. Press V again to return to colour and all is OK.

Using LR5.4 with ACR 8.4 on a MacBook running Mavericks. Images are generally either NEF files or TIF/PSD files after being edited.