Camera Raw/Lightroom: Enhance Details broken - All-black preview and final render

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I was super excited about the new Enhance Details feature rolling out today.  However, something about it refuses to work for me.  When I select the feature on an image, the preview pane only shows a completely black pane on the "Enhanced" version.  Furthermore, when I click the "Enhance" button, processor and GPU rev up and the progress bar moves, but ultimately it only renders a completely black DNG.  This seems to happen on any photo in my collection.  I have verified that I am updated to the correct version of windows, and that I am working on a CR2 RAW file.  Screenshots:


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Posted 11 months ago

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Official Response
From what I can tell so far, we're not dealing with a driver issue, though it seems to affect NVIDIA cards mostly (however not exclusively).

To help with our investigations, we'd like to collect some DXDiag logs. 

Here are some instructions:
Use the DirectX Diagnostic tool that comes with Windows called dxdiag. 

Basic instructions:

  1. Use the Run command from the Start menu (Winkey + R)
  2. Type dxdiag and press Enter
  3. A small dialog will appear on the screen with some info.  If you press the Save All Information button you can save out a text file containing detailed information regarding the DirectX setup on the user's machine.
    1. User-added image
  4. If you could share the text files with me directly, email them to petgreen [at] adobe [dot] com. I'll pass them onto the engineering team.

Thank you!

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I was able to solve the problm by forcing Lightroom to use openGL, instead of Direct X. I have an nvidia GTX660 and I'm on the latest drivers. I used Step 2 on this page:

Good Luck.
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Huzzah, that worked! Now, Adobe, how about fixing the problem so everybody doesn't have to jump through all these hoops???
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Indeed this works in LR! THanks. But how about Photoshop?
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Thanks so much for posting this solution! This worked really well for me also. :)
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This worked for me and so is much appreciated! It does look like this pushes the processing onto the CPU, however, as my GPU remains idle when using the feature. Perhaps WinML has a CPU-backend that is used when OpenGL is preferred?

In terms of the feature, I've noticed that it makes little difference most of the time, and the increase in filesize is not worth the benefits. It does make a huge difference on my Sony A7R and A7R2 files that show moire, however, and so I will use it for those.
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A quick update: I've found that using the workaround means that GPU accelerated Develop sliders update slower than without the workaround (i.e. DirectX is noticeably faster than OpenGL). On my GTX 680 at least.

I've therefore reverted this workaround since I use Develop sliders way more than I use Enhance Detail.