Lighroom: Enable sets or collections for keywords to photo, for easier duplicate creation and sorting across duplicates.

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I'd like to see Lightroom adopt the notion of grouping or associating keywords to sets of photographs. Today, purposely creating a duplicate keyword is painful, a chore, a nuisance, and error prone. I want to be able to create a keyword or associate a keyword to a photograph with as little typing as possible and with no clicking. A synergistic way to do this within the layout currently available in Lightroom might be to do the following. Forget what you know for a second, in the software, about how Adobe calls collections today. I'm going to abuse that term :)

You create a "collection". In it, you have a set of folders/photos and keyworded tags. You can activate or view the collection by selecting it or enabling a checkbox beside it. When you want it to disappear from view, you can deselect the checkbox. Keywords created in this collection belong to the collection; the collection is the parent keyword, so to speak, and the keyword is the child. Tagging photos with these keywords would be as simple as simply typing the name of the keyword, since i'm already viewing the collection.

You create a new collection, a second collection, with more photos and another set of keywords. This set of keywords may or may not have the same names as previous collections. Tagging pictures would be easy.. simply enter the name "Alexander" and Lightroom knows that this keyword is a child of the collection and remove the requirement of ME typing in collection > keyword because again, THESE keywords are children of the collection that i'm currently viewing.

I view the collection almost like a workspace; if i'm in one, i'm not in the other. I'd imagine there's a "global" collection or workspace, so to speak; kind of like what we have today if you choose not to nest tags. In any event, the drive for this is simple.

I shoot a season of football. Call it Giants 2011. I have the following keywords: Alexander, Isaiah and AJ. I shoot a season of basketball. I call it Bruins 2011. I have two keywords that are duplicates of the football season: Alexander and AJ. The problem with LR today is that for me to tag Alexander and AJ in basketball DISTINCTLY from Alexander and AJ in the football photos requires me to make a nested set of keywords and either 1. click on each photo with the appropriately nested Alexander or AJ or 2. type in the set explicitly, sport > name. I import 400 or so photos every single game. I'm not in the business of getting carpal tunnel from clicking :) So the alternative is typing; and you've just added to my list of keys to click when I want to tag. It's a pain. I'd like to be able to open a "folder" or "collection" or "set", which I associate with, for example, "The 2011 football season of the Giants" and see keywords that applied to that season. When I get to the 2012 football season of the Giants, surely the kids will have changed, hence the names/keywords will too. How do I then easily distinguish between seasons? Easy! A collection!

Hopefully i'm not alone in how I use LR. Keywording made life so much easier this season. A parent generally only cares about their own kids photos; it was nice to be able to click on "alexander", load all the photos tagged with "alexander" and then export them, resizing and all that jazz appropriately.

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