Elements: Why are my pictures no longer appearing in iPhoto since I downloaded PSE 12

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Why are my pictures no longer appearing in my iPhoto program since I downloaded Photoshop Elements 12 to my MAC and imported all my photos and art.? To follow is a brief history. Let me note that I am not a complete novice. I used Photoshop for years in my graphic design business, but I have been out of the business for some years. I wanted an inexpensive program that would allow me to add text to photos and do minor edits. Elements 12 seemed like a good idea.

However, although I cannot say why, I ended up importing the pictures twice as they seemed not to appear the first time. Now I had duplicates. I asked how I might delete the duplicates and was advised by a kind Windows user how that might be possible in "finding duplicates". But this did not really find only exact duplicates so I ended up deleting many manually and putting pictures into folders organized similarly to my iPhoto program.

I was satisfied that this program would likely work for me UNTIL I wanted to insert a picture into a Word doc using the media browser. Normally all my files from iPhoto would appear in picture form and I would drag them in. To my horror, I saw only empty boxes! "Oops," I thought. When I opened iPhoto, I could see the boundary boxes for all the photos and their folders were in tact. I could actually "see" the pictures if I scrolled quickly through them. However when I stopped, they disappeared and only the box remained.

I tried restoring those files from my "Time Machine" backup, but this did not solve the problem.

Rather than moan about it, I decided to do a better job organizing the photos in Elements. I was unable to move and rearrange the photos in the various folders that I previous created. I noticed in the "stacks" that appeared when I searched for duplicates, I WAS able to move the photos. SO, I decided to create "catalogs" out of my folders. Perhaps this was a big mistake as I tried to do it intuitively. I selected a folder, then chose "new catalog. I found myself in a box that had no "cancel" option so I went ahead and created a new catalog selecting some random pictures and figuring I could delete it later. Oops again. WHOA! Now the only folder visible is the new one I just created. So the second question is "WHERE are the other picture/folders that existed prior to the creation of this new one?" How can I access them? ("No" I do not have a backup of the files to restore).

Thirdly, when I was able to see all the media, when I scrolled, I could see that there are still duplicates. Is there a way to actually, purely and simply, delete duplicates?

Fourthly, and lastly (for now) just a comment that I was quite surprised by how many "face shots" Elements created out of a simple import. It seems that most of the photos had faces extracted and enlarged. Kinda cool, but not what I asked for.

Anyway, it seems there are some bugs here. The biggest for me is the iPhoto issue. Can you help?

Thanks for listening.
Warm regards,
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