Elements Organizer10 Hogging RAM, CPU and won't release

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When I run Elements Organizer 10 it locks up all my RAM (16GB), drives my CPU load and temp through the roof. I monitor temp and load with CoreTemp. Even when I close the app, the RAM is not released and the temps remain high. In TaskMgr (after the app is closed) the Service AdobeActiveFileMonitor10.0 is still running and cannot be stopped, and the Process ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe remains running. If I stop that process it releases the memory, sometimes. Here is the system reported by ElementsOrganizer:

Elements Organizer
Core Version: 10.0 (20110831.m.17215)
Language Version: 10.0 (20110831.m.17215)

Current Catalog:
Catalog Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Catalog Location: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs\xxxxxxxxxxxxxx\
Catalog Size: 2.3MB
Catalog Cache Size: 23.9MB

Operating System Name: Windows 7
Operating System Version: 6.1 Service Pack 1
System Architecture: AMD CPU Family:15 Model:1 Stepping:2 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP
Built-in Memory: 13.9GB
Free Memory: 4.6GB

Important Drivers / Plug-ins / Libraries:
Microsoft DirectX Version: 9.0
Apple QuickTime Version: Not installed
Adobe Reader Version: 10.1
Adobe Acrobat Version: Not installed

CD and DVD drives:
D: (PLEXTOR DVDR BUS: 1 ID: 1 Firmware: PX-L890SA)

I suspect there is a problem with memory management for the Organizer when run on Windows7-64-bit, even though we used the Disk2 install which stated "Use for 64-bit installation".
I cannot use this product without the potential of damaging this very expensive workstation, if it hasn't already done so.
I need to know if you have a fix for this. Most people probably don't know this is happening because they don's monitor hardware performance. We do and this is the only application that is locking RAM and CPU assets, and then won't release them even when closed.
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