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Hi Guys
I have recently seen the newly released Elements 11. And I can't believe what I am experiencing. What a disappointment!
The new screen layout results in an unacceptable waste of space. The left-hand Tool Box (double column; cannot be changed to single) wastes 3 cm, the bottom panel (previously perfectly satisfactory on top) wastes anything up to 5cm, and the right-hand Palette Bin (cannot be narrowed/hidden/no floating palettes) wastes 10 cm. The end result is that a relatively small area remains for the actual photograph! What on earth were the designers thinking! The previous versions of Elements were much better!
The new layout might look "pretty", but I'm sorry to say is far from satisfactorily functional. Maybe the designers themselves are working on professional sized 42 cm, and larger, Flat-screens, so can cope with the constricted photo-area, but the average Elements user cannot afford such equipment – nor do they want such enormous monitors on their desks. In fact, many users are now working on tiny laptop screens!
Further more, because the new layout differs so markedly from the full Photoshop CS versions, I suspect that existing Elements users will now be even less inclined to upgrade in future. You guys might be shooting yourselves in the foot.
Adobe has really taken a step backwards this time round. Please guys, re-look at the use of screen space in future versions. (We need to be able to use Floating palettes if nothing else). I trust sanity will ultimately prevail.
Maybe it is time to release two versions of Elements; a pretty one for absolute beginners – with all the helpful Quick and Guided functions, and a advanced version for seasoned workers (who don't need all the 'helpful' clutter) – and which is laid out as per PhotoshopCS. (This might become necessary particularly now that PhotoshopCS is being moved and will be financially beyond the reach of the average home individual).
Nielen Schaefer
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Nielen Schaefer

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  • disappointed that Adobe has taken such a step in the wrong direction.

Posted 5 years ago

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Chris Cox

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Elements 11 is over a year old, Elements 12 is the new release.
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You can collapse both left pane and right and just invoke them when needed. This way you have full screen filled with your images.

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Tools panel can be collapsed using "Tab" key. And other panels can be collapsed by just clicking on the buttons corresponding to them(Graphics, Tool Options, etc).
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Good day Vaishali and Rahul Bansal

Thanks for coming back to me; much appreciated.
I do understand that the panels can be collapsed (the Tool Box via TAB, and the others via their buttons) but this is not an answer for countering the poor usage of space – because one needs these panels to be visible when working on a photograph! I am though please to note that the Palette bin can be eliminated, and that Floating palettes can be created.
I have recently bought a copy of the magazine Photo Plus, November 2013. On page 88 there is a review of Elements 12. And the reviewer makes the comment, "The Options panel seems to take up an inordinate amount of space, considering the information it provides." And right at the end of the review, in his summary, he gives a negative mark, making the observation that, "The Options panel (introduced in version 11) still takes up too much space."
So, I am not alone in my criticisms!
(Previously when Elements 11 was first introduced, similar comments were made about the generally poor usage of space. Unfortunately I never kept the references to these reviews).

I am currently using Elements 10, and certainly will not upgrade until the newer versions are drastically restructured. I, and other Elements users, are not professionals, and we do not have massive 40" screens. We work with smaller screens, and even lap-tops; space wastage is important to us.
What frustrates me so, is that Adobe seems not to take heed of what its users, and the Reviewers in magazines, are saying! Does Adobe even hear what is being said about the newer Elements?!