Photoshop: Each line of text to a new layer shortcut?

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I have text in Arabic that is already typed. I want each line of text on a new layer. So I am looking for an easiest way to do this. Is there any hack to do this? Thanks!
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Posted 5 months ago

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Only thing I can think of would be to record an action... first create a layer mask on your text layer and make sure you have the layer selected then record this action with a hotkey, like f5
  1. Duplicate the layer
  2. Delete the existing layer mask
  3. move layer down so next line matches with bottom line
  4. marquis select bottom line
  5. make new layer mask from selection.
Then you can select a text layer and mash the f5 key for every line. Then you'll still need to move the top and bottom layers into plabe and redistribute the lines again with Layer->Distribute->Vertical Centers

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I'd just select your existing layer.  Copy it how every many number of times.  Then erase the text on previous lines, adding RETURNS to make sure the words wrap/space correctly.

Now, all that said, why would you want to do that?  Have you tried the Kashida functionality to change Tatwiil length?  It's actually a pretty cool feature and a couple of the settings are designed to make the geometry of different lines of text smoother too.

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If this is text in an existing text layer, it can be done with a script. If its text in a file, it can also be done (a bit differently) with a script.
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If your text is in a text file, this is a sample script to add it line by line to text layers.

#target photoshop


function addText(){
    if(documents.length > 0){
        var originalDialogMode = app.displayDialogs;
        app.displayDialogs = DialogModes.ERROR;
        var originalRulerUnits = preferences.rulerUnits;
        preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS;
            var testFile = new File('~/Desktop').openDlg('Select import file', '*.txt'); //select text file
            if(testFile != null){ //catch user cancel
                var textLine = testFile.readln();
                var docRef = activeDocument;
                var LayerRef = null;
                var TextRef = null;
                var pos = 200;
                while(textLine != ''){ //read in text one line at a time
                    LayerRef = docRef.artLayers.add();
                    LayerRef.kind = LayerKind.TEXT; //new text layer
                    TextRef = LayerRef.textItem;
                    TextRef.contents  = textLine; //text from file
                    //optional text styling, customize to suit
                    pos = pos + 50;
                    TextRef.position = new Array(pos, pos);
                    preferences.rulerUnits = Units.POINTS;
                    TextRef.size = 48;
                    TextRef.useAutoLeading = false;
                    TextRef.leading = 48;
                    TextRef.font = 'Calibri-Bold';
                    TextRef.justification = Justification.CENTER;
                    TextRef.autoKerning = AutoKernType.METRICS;
                    //end optional text styling
                    textLine = testFile.readln(); //read the next line from file
            alert(e + e.line);
            preferences.rulerUnits = originalRulerUnits;
            app.displayDialogs = originalDialogMode;
        preferences.rulerUnits = originalRulerUnits;
        app.displayDialogs = originalDialogMode;
        alert('You must have a document open to run this script.');