Lightroom: Display A & B Drive letters in Import Destination on Windows (NOT FIXED in 6.3))

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In the import dialogue in Lightroom 3 on Windows the drive letters A: and B: does not show up. I have A: assigned to an HDD and B: assigned to an SSD where I like to save my DNG files. (It was a VERY long time ago since those drive letters were reserved for floppy drives).

My suggestion is to make all drive letters assigned to an attached storage device visible as a destination in the import dialogue.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Well Lightroom 5 is out, and this bug is still here. It simply does not allow you to import to a fixed hard drive called A: or B: even if that is where the catalog was opened from and where all your other photos are stored.

Yes I know why... A: and B: used to be used for floppy drives back in the stone ages... however windows has allowed you to assign them to hard drives for decades now, and as time goes on, you are going to be seeing a lot of computer users who have in fact never heard of a floppy drive and have never even seen a floppy disk.. it's just something they heard about in history class.. if they weren't sleeping.

You will be getting more and more technical support issues when the following scenario happens...

I was running out of room for my data, so I went out and bought me a nice new huge drive... Installed the drive per the instructions and went to 'disk management' to add an additional drive to my system.. It eventually asked me for a drive letter, and A: was at the TOP of this list, so I used that... then formatted the drive and all was great.. windows reports a fixed drive called A: with a ton of free space... so I moved all my lightroom data to A: and opened the catalog from A: and it started lightroom just fine.. and all my photos are there and this is great! You can do everything with the hard drive being A: or B: so I'm done messing with it... well a few weeks or months go by, and I've long forgot about the install process and now I have 13 other applications using my A: drive and I finally have a break in my busy schedule so I go out and shoot some photos.. I get back, install my memory card in my computer and prepare to import my files to the hard drive where my catalog is...... but I CAN'T!!! A: and B: do NOT EVER show up in the lightroom list of drives... and WHY NOT??? I can't understand why lightroom can't import to something my operating system is reporting as a FIXED drive. Now I have all this stuff on my huge drive called A: or B: and it's going to be a huge task to re-assign that drive to another letter because all these other applications will be looking for their stuff on A: or B: Ugh

Ok, so Adobe is trying to save us from ourselves and not allow us to try to import to a tiny disk that could not even hold one of our photos... uh... WHY? Just put A: and B: in the list if the operating system is reporting them and if someone DOES have a floppy drive, called A: or B: and they try to import something to it.... they will just get an error saying it won't fit... problem solved! What is REALLY ironic is that lightroom WON'T EVEN RUN ON ANY MACHINE WITH A FLOPPY DRIVE IN IT!!!! You could put a USB floppy drive on your windows 7 or 8 machine... but when you do that... it's NOT necessarily A: or B:... you can make it whatever you want... leaving out A: and B: doesn't help ANYONE at all.

Now, assume this user is in their early 20's... they have never ever seen a floppy disk, and could not buy one if they wanted to... which they don't... they just can't understand why this is happening.. why is my huge drive NOT in the list??? why is it not there? I don't understand this.

It should be noted that this also happens if A: or B: is a network drive as well. Floppies have been obsolete for a long time, and in fact you haven't been able to buy a new computer with a floppy drive since 2005, and they were completely useless back then.. and B: drive has been useless even longer!

So, what has happened here... is leaving out A: and B: has just been carried over from decades ago when it was probably a good idea... and no one has even looked at changing it. People do have problems with this though, but it won't be fixed until someone says something... So I'm saying something. fact: A: and B: are NOT reserved for floppy drives anymore.. they have not been for a very long time fact: No one will ever plug in a floppy drive ever again.

fact: Windows has allowed network drive and fixed hard drives to be A: or B: for decades

fact: You SHOULD be checking the operating system to see if a drive is fixed or removable and what it's capacity is... not making assumptions about the drive configuration

fact: As time goes on the the more and more people who have never heard of a floppy disk increases, this WILL become more and more of an issue.

fact: There is no reason to NOT be using A: or B: for network or fixed hard drives... and our software should allow us to do so.

fact: A: and B: are the FIRST two drive letters in the list when you add an additional fixed hard drive to your system!

fact: I want my 4TB drive to be B:! but I have to settle for it being WAY down at T: because I've used all the letters down to S: already... heck my usb 3.0 card reader alone takes up 4 drive letters.. and I'm used to them where they are now. I also want my RAID box to be a network A: drive.. putting it right there at the top of the list!

I'm settling for other letters, at the moment.. I actually moved my nearly useless DVD burner down the list.. do you all realize even DVD's are becoming obsolete??? why burn a measly 5GB on a DVD that is so fragile and easily scratched... when you can just write files on a 128GB flash drive? (yes there are even 512GB flash drives available now) It's only a matter of time before NO one will have ever heard of or seen a CD, or DVD disc either!

This is a very easy thing to fix... What the heck is taking so long? we shouldn't HAVE to do work arounds to store our entire catalog on a legitimate windows fixed hard drive!
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This has been FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightroom 6.2.1 has a completely new Import screen and A: and B: are now available as drives to Import TO.. this means the catalog can exist and the photos in the catalog can exist on either A: or B: I have tested this and so far I can find no issues at all importing TO A: or B: or using a catalog with photos stored on A: or B:

Also for those of you who were wanting to import FROM A: or B: this is also possible, however there are minor bugs. As you can see, A: and B: show up as drives in the Drives selection box of the Import screen

But a minor bug here is that on the next screen, it shows that all subfolders are selected, and NO FILES are found, but that is not true...

If you select the subfolder you want, THERE THEY ARE! also re-selecting All subfolders shows the files. When I tried an import from drive L: it defaulted to NO subfolders, and so I had to select all subfolders to see my photos.

Also note that A: and B: do NOT show up under My Computer on the left, however if you push the browse button below that, you can see them and select them and they seem to work just fine... It would be nice if A: and B: were in the list as there is no reason not to show them.

But This all makes me VERY happy, because even though there are these few bugs, at least the basic functionality is there and it's easy to work around these few things.

It's SO nice when the customers are heard!

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Thank you!  This was very helpful! I store all my images on a G-Technology RAID system with the Drive Letter A (First one suggested when I installed it).  The A Drive and all images show up in my library, but I could not import FROM or TO the A Drive. The explanation above did work for me.  I don't like it but at least it works.
Lightroom needs to be able to import FROM and TO any drive elther that the user selects!!!   Please fix this Adobe!