Don't iinstall Lightroom Classic CC 7.0.1 !!!

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It sucks... It broke my Macbook video card.
Also my PC is being pressured by it demands.
Besides, Adobe site doesn't allow to contact them on this issue.

Don't even try it if you don't want to loose your computer!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Lightroom Classic CC is currently on 7.1. Why are you still running 7.01? You should probably check for an install the update. 
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Misstyping, it was 7.1
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Update to 7.1. you do that from the Creative Cloud Desktop App.

LR didn't  break your video card. That is a recurring problem with all mac book computers going back to 2008.
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I was getting close to subscribing to Lightroom 6 Classic CC, but all I ever read is continuous unresolved problems with the software and the usual Adobe response, which is a big deaf ear.  

Accordingly, I am gonna pass.  Something else will come along in due time.  Adobe really screwed the moose on this entire escapade.....and a lot of loyal users with it.    
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7.1 is working GREAT for me, iMac 21" (late 2015). It gets exhausting listening to people blame Adobe for Global Warming! ;-)

Jack: you CAN'T subscribe to 6 Classic CC, because it's up to 7.1, and that's what you need to install. You are missing out on a seriously improved piece of software, and listening to people blame Adobe instead of their Operating System (Mac or PC), which is often the problem (25 years as IT pro). I meet people at camera clubs that bought a Mac, and the original system software is still on it!!
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On my MacPro 2010, LR 7.1 is running great! as well as on my Mbp retina. Never got a problem such as you describe 
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While I don't think Adobe is at fault for Global Warming and Lr 7.1 is running fine for me ... many users do experiences issues that are indeed caused by conflicts in Adobe's code.  For myself, during the lifespan of Lr 6.x, I had to roll back to a known working version without issues on four different updates because of functionality that was broken and or caused conflicts. 

Not saying some issues are not the cause of OS, third party conflicts or even user malfunction, but Adobe is no more or less perfect than any other software developer. Though, they could learn a thing or two from some developers with far less resources. The bigger Adobe gets, the more issues they seem to experience on the simple stuff.

This forum and and the U2U forum are chock full of users seeking answers to problems. Just because the current version of Lr is working fine for you does not equate is should be or is working for everyone.