Does Adobe ever acknowledge issues and or post known problem issues for us to follow

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With the issues that the LR/PS users are experiencing. Does Adobe log and Acknowledge reported issues that we as users can follow and track?  It would be nice to see an official problem log.  (I work in I.T. and when we have reported software issues, we open a problem/Incident log for us/vendor to track and acknowledge)  This would be a great step forward for gaining confidence back with Adobe. Not saying that there is not. But there are a lot of disgruntled users.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I support this request.
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The long answer "NO" when it comes to Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements. Adobe is Elitist. Because we use their lower priced consumer products, we are "unworthy"  of company technical support. Think of it in terms of flying: First Class and Economy. Your "technical support" consists of this forum which is a mix of people who know what they are talking about, and many more who do not.Words of advise for the latter: 1) Because some solution happened to work for ONLY you you might want to say that, and not come off as some expert; and 2)There is no shame in saying you don't know something instead of leading people on a waste of time wild goose chase based on your allusion of expertise. Wisdom in part is the capacity to know what you don't know.
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Yes they do as I had a direct request for files and details.
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They list fixed bugs in the complete update details, but I don't think they have a public running list of bugs.
This would be a really nice thing to feature, a running list of bugs ordered by priority/# of people affected. It would keep duplicate posts down as well.
This still would be disheartening for those individuals with a lonely "2" me-too's on their problem, but at least there would be a firm acknowledgement by adobe by listing it as a bug that they will get to eventually.
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You can use the 'Advanced' search panel here to filter by just about any number of parameters. Of course this will only show issues that were posted in this forum, but that should include all of the major issues and most minor issues for Photoshop & Lightroom.

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To build on Todd Shaner's reply, Adobe does use this forum to communicate the status about known issues.  Topics marked as "Acknowledged" are those that an Adobe employee has acknowledged is an "issue" and (usually) injected into the internal issue-tracking system.  Topics marked as "In Progress" are ones that Adobe is actively working on, and a fix may be expected in the next release (but isn't guaranteed).  Topics marked "Solved" are those for which a solution has been found or a fix provided and no further action will be taken.   

Adobe is good but not great about updating the status when issues are fixed by new releases. I'd guess perhaps they update as "Solved" about 75% of topics reporting issues addressed by a new release, and moderators try to clean up the rest but probably miss some.   Often topics never get marked as "Acknowledged" or "In Progress" but end up getting marked as "Solved".

Note that Adobe generally only communicates here about issues and bugs that have been first posted  by users here.   But over the past many years, I'd guess that the vast majority of user-reported bugs (especially serious ones affecting many users) end up getting reported here.

On a small fraction of topics, Adobe product support and developers do engage in discussion.  Most of this entails Adobe asking for details about a problem, but very infrequently they'll express opinions about feature requests.

You can implicitly follow topics here (by replying) or explicitly (by clicking the FOLLOW button).  The change to Status itself doesn't generate a notification to followers, but almost always that change is accompanied by a reply from an employee or moderator explaining the status (thus generating a notification).
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I agree.  They sent me another damned survey at a moment when I was feeling a need to vent.  They may have hit their delete button as soon as they saw some ALL CAPS--but I get the feeling it's not the first time they've swept my comments under the rug.