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While it's nice to have the new version of Photoshop on Mobile, as a photographer, launching the app with no Dodge and Burn makes it feel incomplete. While I know it's supposed to be built on the real photoshop code, missing features like that make it still feel like a compromised mobile app. I would have rather you delayed the release and make it more complete as right now without those features it's really a no go for me and my fellow photographer friends.
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Mike Wewerka

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Posted 8 months ago

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David Illig

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You can delay using Photoshop on Mobile until the feature set is more complete and that will be functionally identical to Adobe having delayed its release.

I think that Adobe released the app because a) it does have basic editing functionality and b) people need to get their hands on it to expose bugs. In my posted photo I applied selective contrast and brightness, punched up the eye color, reduced some excess glare, and cropped the photo. 
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Jaquell L. Chandler

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I AGREE! This (as well as not being able to upload Actions) is the BIGGEST hinderance to my workflow as a professional photographer who is constantly on the go! 
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This is a must that along with camera raw filter for me are my main usage fir composite photography 
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Agreed. I do jewelry photography and dodge and burn is an essential part of editing stones. It will take 10x longer trying to mask off stones to use the bright and contrast.

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PLEASE: Dodge and Burn and in direct liaise with Lightroom on the iPad. 
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Definitely need dodge and burn, but also the ability to select accurately and apply filters, curves and levels. I saw a demo for Full photoshop after they first announced it and it seemed it had a lot of these functions built in, so I’m not sure what they were demoing or why it didn’t make it into this version. I really want to be able to use my Apple Pencil to select and touch up images. Right now I’m back to using Darkroom, PS express, and Fix, or back to my laptop for actual Photoshop. Please announce release dates for updates and what will be included.
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Ian Bullock

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Happy to wait for many features for IPad to appear in future, but Dodge and Burn must surely be among some of the priority area for Adobe to add. That and RAW support. Having to import through Lightroom and then move to Photoshop is a workaround I could do without. 
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Yes! It’s a life saver 

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Most traditional photographers got to know the power of dodging and burning in the darkroom. In Photoshop for desktop, it’s my most used technique, the precision for the adjustments is unparalleled. Without it, this application is severely limiting. Ansel Adams used this technique extensively, and it’s from his work that I and many others learned how to make landscapes truly shine. That the desktop version has it, made me extremely happy when i got into digital photography, I’m sure many others as well. This mobile application just isn’t that useful to traditional photographers without dodge and burn, though having it on IPad is a perfect medium to make that tool the most it could possibly be. Not having it seems like a real missed opportunity for Adobe. So please, please add it to the app, it’s one of the most useful additions you could put in.
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 Please add the blur, smudge and sharpen tools as well as the dodge, burn and sponge tools for photoshop iPad. I hate having to go back and forth between my iPad and my laptop. It would also be nice to be able to tilt and turn the canvas instead of having to tilt my iPad.