Photoshop CC 2018: Do you plan to include Device Preview?

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Today I installed new Photoshop update (Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.0 20170929.r.165 2017/09/29: 1138933  x64). And to my surprise, the Device Preview panel is missing. I thought that maybe it needed another preference reset as in past it disappeared couple of times from the Window menu, and was back after resetting preferences (, but now it didn't help, so I had a chat with Adobe Representative and he informed me that Device Preview is not a part of the program anymore, and I can downgrade my program to previous version to use it. So my question is, do yo plan to put this feature back to Photoshop or people should move away from it to other apps like Sketch, or (arguably) XD? I design a lot of responsive websites and was using this feature very often. Thanks!
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@ Stephen Nielson
Can you please give us any other information about the removal about Device Preview? Your initial post is as vague as possible and your lack of response over these few months is concerning.

My questions, in short:
1) Can you tell us how removing Device Preview make Photoshop run faster?
2) Can you tell us what else needed to be done to Device Preview, as you claim you redirected resources to higher-priority needs? I haven't heard anybody complain about bugs, crashes or any other problems about this feature.
3) Related to #2 - why wasn't the feature left as is and not further developed instead of removing it?
4) How do you respond to accusations that this is a move that forces us to use Adobe XD and that this is the only reason behind the removal?

Thank you,
PS: If you can't respond to these questions, for whatever reason, can you direct me to someone who can?
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why why why? put it back please 
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No matter what Adobe say the only reason I can understand why Adobe have removed this feature is to save money on developing the preview mobile app. It certainly hasn't made Photoshop lighter or faster so that's a silly comment (just be honest Adobe).

Because device preview was removed I thought I would give Sketch a go for UI design - it is sooooo much better than Photoshop for UI, love Sketch! - much lighter, faster and easier to use. It's also cheaper! BUT only for Mac - sorry Windows lovers

Highly recommend Sketch - I now wouldn't even return to Photoshop for UI design if they brought back the device preview!!

I still have Photoshop though as I'm an all round designer so it is still essential to my tool kit
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I don't do UI design so Sketch isn't an option for me. I design ads, graphics and illustrations that go on websites. I need to see what they look like, in real time as I adjust the layers to create the graphics and illustrations. It's not unusual for the final artwork to have hundreds of layers. 

Before Device Preview...  I would need to email the illustrations to myself to see how everything looked and check to see if all the text could be read, etc. Device Preview created a HUGE boost in productivity.

I've become totally dependent on it. I have two different sized iPhones mounted next to my monitor and often look more at the the phones when adjusting my illustrations than the monitor.
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Very sad and sad when developers spat on people for whom did your product!! You should be ashamed, when thousands of users asking to return one of the most convenient features!
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PUT IT Back!!!!!


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Put it back, please.