DNG converter: what's the command line to "Skip source image if exists" option?

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I'm using Adobe DNG Converter
to convert more then a Million of raw images in thousands of diferent folders.

It is working well.
In each folder I temporary put a bat file (windows7) with my command and the javascript will wait for for the bat to finish and then delete the raws and goes to the next pre-processed folder.
I had to rush a bit and I have manage to use several PCs running the batch.

How can I use inside the bat file command to activate:
"Skip source image if destination image already exists"?

And please, update your on-line old incomplete PDF manual:
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Posted 5 years ago

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Pedro, I don't think there's a command-line switch for this in DNG Converter. As another option: I believe you can use your javascript to detect if the destination image exists (and if so, maybe move the relevant source image to another folder so it's not picked up by DNG Converter during the conversion).
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Thanks Eric

I've done that already and now I was manage to successfully convert correctly more then 200 thousand raw images on 40 thousand script found folders.
With 5 PC working at the same time I can't do more.

But the problem is a bit harder to detect by script, be cause some time there are corrupted raw images that DNG converter don't convert:
- I can not detect by script is a raw file is corrupted;
- My script deletes CR2 raw files after a successful conversion. When a file is corrupted it does not delete the CR2 files because 1 dng is missing. That's something I must do by hand.
- If I do not erase the corrupted file(s), this creates cycle and try to convert again the same files.

So, I have manage to collet this folders to an xml and then I delete manually the corrupted files I find there using bridge preview.

But thanks any
I have more 350.000 folders with more then 1.750.000 raw images to convert.
I'm converting now 8000 folders (35.000 images) each day.