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I would love the option to lose the crosshairs from the brush cursors.

I stopped using Ps for actual artwork and switched to Painter a few years ago. I do a lot of line work and one of the main reasons I switched was the brush cursors.

Photoshop's precision brush cursor is unusable for me. Rather than one small shape indicating the location of the brush tip, there are 5 shapes. This is the opposite of precision in my opinion and the cursor becomes more of a distraction.

I'm sure some people love it and that's totally fine. I'd love to be able to disable it and have a true 1 pixel cursor.
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Adobe please add option to turn off cross-hair at small sizes.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Suggestion: the ability to COMPLETELY disable crosshair for brush.

i've been using photoshop for painting a while of the main thing i still cant get use to is the 'crosshair' that appears when the brush size gets really small...
when doing digital painting, painting while zoomed out is really important. this prevent the artist to have " Tunnel Vision " and to easily notice the big mistakes the artist might be making..

generally, I prefer to use smaller brush size when sketching(the smaller the better..atleast for me). unfortunately i can only do a certain size of 'small-ness' when zoomed out because if my brush size gets too small, the crosshair appears. the crosshairs hinders my vision on the brush which makes focusing on the painting quite you can just simply zoom in enough till the crosshair disappear but that kinda defeats the purpose of 'painting while zoomed out...
a good example to the idea i'm talking about is from another painting software called "Krita"
Krita's brush tool allows you to make the brush size go as small as possible without making a  crosshair appear... regardless whether you're  zoomed in or out..which makes painting less irritating and much smoother cause there's nothing hindering to your view on the brush cursor...