Lightroom/Camera Raw: Disable built-in lens profile

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I own Micro43 and compact cameras, where lens profiles are integrated in RAW files. With software like Capture One Pro, I can easily enable or disable theses built-in profiles. Actually, there is even a slider allowing to enable 0% or 100% of the built-in profile, and whatever percentage in between.

In LR (CC, Classic or LR6), the checkox for enabling or disabling profiles does not work with built-in profiles, which always stay enabled. This seriously limits the possibilities of several cameras which possibilities get unleashed by actual RAW developpers like Capture One Pro.

I'm actually a COP user (after switching from LR) but DAM sucks with COP and this built-in lens profile thing is the only deal breaker for me to come back. So please let users disable built-in lens profiles, or at least offer workarounds.

As a workaround, a dumb "zero" profile that would replace the built-in one (not coming on top of it) could do the job.
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I've just bought a Fuji XT30. There is an in-body option to enable or disable lens distortion correction, which means that Fuji - just as Nikon - is perfectly fine with using the sensor uncroped. Unfortunately, LR doesn't honor the user choice and forces the profile to be enabled.

This feature request beeing 1 year old, and still not taken into account by Adobe, I now beleive that they will never put the 1/2 day developer effort to solve the issue. I've now switched to Capture One Pro which lets the user the creative choice of which correction to apply. For multi-device work, backup and face recognition, I subscribed to Mylio which compliments COP just perfectly. So bye bye, Adobe.

It is really a shame that an official rep of Adobe doesn't even write a word or too, even "we won't support that because we want to force you to crop your sensor". At least, we would know. It was a memeber of the support team who asked me to post here to get feedback, and I have none.
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Automatically and irreversibly applying built-in lens profiles is also a serious bug in Adobe Camera Raw. When processing DNG files from, for example, a drone like the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Adobe Camera Raw automatically applies the lens correction built into DJI’s DNG files. As a result, lens distortion is applied and CANNOT BE UNDONE. The lens distortion correction is so extreme that it causes serious image degradation, especially in the corners. Adobe: What is the point of a raw file if you force the user into accepting edits that cannot be undone?! Adobe has just turned all the advantages of a raw file into all the limitations of a JPEG.

To get around this problem, I’ve had to switch to a raw editor that does not do this. As a result I purchased Affinity Photo. The more I use Affinity Photo, the more I like it. And I especially like it in consideration of Adobe’s recent threat to price their Photo plan at $20 per month instead of the current $10 per month. To be honest, I’m now one step away from leaving Adobe once and for all, and this is coming from a professional photographer!

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> To get around this problem

just use exiftool and get null the tags in DNG files ...
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I tried to figure EXIFtool out and it doesn't make much sense. It would be nice if there was an easy way to use EXIFtool in Lightroom.
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Here's how to remove embedded lens corrections:

1. Convert a folder of raws to DNG using Adobe's DNG Converter:

2. Run ExifTool over the folder to remove the lens corrections:

3. Import the modified DNGs into LR.
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We need to have the option to disable built-in lens profiles from being automatically applied. Not having this option takes away from the freedom we should have to work with raw files. There is no good reason to force users to accept a lens profile, particularly when image data might be cropped out, as seen in some of the above examples. I have no problem with the profiles being applied by default, but I want the freedom to turn them off.

The current arrangement is little different from being locked into a high-contrast color profile, with no option to use a neutral color profile.