Lightroom Classic: Development in Tethering capturing

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As title say i would love to se any kind of devolopment in tethering capturing.I will not write what can be improved as i think from the competitors and recent market is obiusly that we need some chages in this part of program.Wish to see some changes in 2018
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Jure Ursic

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Posted 2 years ago

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Stephen Newport

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It is rather embarrassing how overlooked this feature is. I can't recommend Lightroom to anyone needing tethering capabilities. 
Now imagine all the of the people who switch to CaptureOne to tether with... you think all of those people are reorganizing and importing their entire shoot back into Lightroom after they spent 5 days on a job shooting, adjusting, and organizing in C1? I do this.... but it's embarrassing to admit it, and I can't imagine many other people have the patience for that...
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Chandan Kumar, Official Rep

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Thanks for raising the concern. We hear you and yes we have not focussed on Tether in near times. It will help us if you could elaborate on how you would like us to evolve this functionality, preferably in order of importance to you. Whats your biggest pain point, which functionality is important to you, Camera support etc.

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Stephen Newport

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Hi Chandan,
I work post production primarily, and also as a dedicated DT to photographers around the country. I have never seen a professional use Lightroom to tether, nor have I had them request me to use it, I notice this carries on to their studio workflow as well. The only people I know that use Lightroom are those that don't tether (i.e. download by card) and retouchers... though a lot of them are using C1 as well... Just to give you a 1st hand account. I get to witness and follow a lot of peoples workflows, and this is telling.
My first complaint is how unreliable it is. The number of times I have tried to use Lightroom to tether, program freezes and camera connection dropping probably every 10 minutes cause it to be unusable. Use the same camera on capture one and I can shoot all day without a problem, especially in recent C1 builds. If this can't get fixed there's not even a point of having it as a feature... it's the butt of a lot of jokes on set, to my Lightroom advocacy embarrassment.... or it used to be, now no one even talks about it as even being an option.
After that:
See what capture one is doing, they understand a lot of what you need on set. Then below:
1.  proper on the fly numbering and naming architecture to accommodate diverse workflows and folder structures: Scene, Day, Subject, Photographer, etc. This would fall over into  card importing also, as the custom naming number counter is 'dumb' and can't carryover numbering from the previous import. Dumping 50 cards a day, inputing the right start number every import is a huge hassle.

2. SPEED: Make things faster. I have the best MacBook you can buy right now, and Lightroom is still slow... even after the most recent upgrade. 
3. Live view, better camera controls. (is there really still no live view support?)
4. Client review, rating and edit platform: iPad, mobile, etc solution for the client to view images coming in without having to look over the photographers shoulder all day. This would include rating images, drawing on the images for retouching notes, etc
5. immediate preview building: Lo res for immediacy, with eye detection and preview building of just the small eyes area to check focus on the fly. This is a huge slow down and the cause of a lot of headaches on set and after. If you could just have a grid of full-res eyes previews fairly quickly in front of you, you could quickly narrow down what your options are. Even better if it could detect eye sharpness and reject bad focus!

I can't stress enough how many clients you are losing because Lightroom isn't even taken seriously anymore for the onset photographer, and you know that's carrying over into their studio. Having your main tethering platform freeze as the client is standing over your shoulder is one of the most embarrassing and amateur feelings you can have. "We flew in this guy from San Francisco, paying him how many thousands of dollars, and he can't even get his camera to start"
Hope this helps, but you'll need a lot of photographers input to make it right. I'm not sure anyone is even trying to tether anymore...?
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Amit Kumar, Senior Computer Scientist

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Thank you Stephen. We really appreciate your feedback.

I have a few queries.

>>My first complaint is how unreliable it is. The number of times I have tried to use Lightroom to tether, program freezes and camera connection dropping probably every 10 minutes cause it to be unusable.

Does this happen randomly or do you see any pattern in it? For example, does this happen only when you shoot several pictures quickly? Or does this happen when you disconnect and connect the tethering cable?

Which cameras do you use for tethering? Do you tether with multiple cameras simultaneously?

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Stephen Newport

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Hey Amit,
I'll be honest and say I haven't tried in over a year out of frustration, but I can say I have tested with a variety of canon and nikon pro cameras, haven't tried with any Sony, fuji or Hasselblad. My main camera is a Nikon D800, so that's the one I've tested the most.
I try and always look for patterns, reduce and isolate variables... it really just seamed to be plain "bad," not working in any scenario. Sometimes immediately freezing, sometimes after a few shots, whether I left the camera still or was holding it, changing out tether cords, whether I taped the tether cord to the camera or left it free hanging, whether I took shots or not, whether I messed around in other areas of Lightroom or not, whether I had other programs up and running or not. I couldn't find a single reliable way to use it.
The only thing I can think of, with no understanding the underlying programing architecture, is that Lightroom doesn't know how to deal with slight connection blips that are inherent with tether cords and on-camera ports.. as they are inherently loose and the bane of the OCD. I know C1 had a hard time with camera dropping on occasion a few versions back, and it would similarly freeze requiring a force closing.... I can't recall one instance of this in the past two years though.
This is only tethering one camera at a time, never tried multiple.
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James Kachan

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To the Adobe officials commenting in this thread:
First of all, thank you for engaging about feedback for the seriously lacking Tethering issues in LR.

As for the issues:

Quite simply, open up Capture One Pro and use it, then do the same with Lightroom.
The pain points are obvious.

  • LR is slower than C1P — previews of new captures while tethered show up painfully slow, exported images process slower, etc.
  • LR lacks "live view", software powered focus adjustments, and many camera related technical controls that C1P has.
  • There are no "overlay" options, Capture One Pro allows for an image to be overlaid so that a layout or composition can be composed to fit perfectly to an art directors layout.
  • There isn't even a keyboard shortcut for taking a picture while tethered in Lightroom. That's insane. Especially when you consider that  every pro photographer, assistant, or even art director knows ⌘+K (for Capture One)
  • There is nothing like "Capture Pilot" for monitoring and review on multiple platforms
  • Fully programable "Time lapse" features should be available, that would be a nice one up on C1P
  • etc.
I would say that Adobe's mission with tethering should be to  match every tether related feature that Capture One Pro can do,  and do that with the same superior speed of  Capture One too. (The speed issue though is more of a software wide disappointment with LR as compared with C1P though).

Tethering is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE to commercial photographers, please make it important.

In general, make Lightroom Classic into "Lightroom Pro" — And deliver all the things us pros want, we would happily trade the lame facial recognition, book making, map, and print module for the stuff we actually could use, like better tethering support, SPEED and PERFORMANCE, and an "Output/Processing/Export" module that can be enabled to process out different formats and resolutions at once.
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Stephen Newport

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Agree with all this except the end. The Pro Commercial Photographer has a need for all of the things you listed, but the pro landscape, fine-art, etc photographer does have a need for maps, bookmaking, print module features as well and focus should continue to innovate and make those better. There's more than one type of 'pro.'
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Jure Ursic

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But what is more embarrassing showing fails in front of client that pay you or fails in landscape photography map that nobady is there...