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I thought I just did this I thought in Revel- why do I have to resubmit under Photoshop etc.

I am concerned about running out of memory on my computer, phone & ipad. I do not understand totally - do you put a backup on the same device I send it to you from? I submitted 1000 pictures from ipad and now my Cloud backup provided by Verizon, or Apple, now says it is almost full. I see I can possibly turn off this function when I transfer on the revel site - but what about the 6000 I already have on there. I thought the revel site would offer backup and it does online I understand?
I have enjoyed the 30 day subscription and the possibilities I would have but am now frustrated with this new problem of memory shortage on my devices. Please give me a detailed plan as to how I can make it all work.

Also, what is carosel I see on some of the conversations?
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Carousel is the old name for Revel.

All your files are stored in full size in the cloud, not on your devices. The exception is if you choose to use the 'keep originals' option to back up a full sized copy of your files on the mac. This is an option that can be turned on or off.

Your iphone and ipad will only store thumbnails and slightly larger 'loupe view' versions of the files. If you need to edit a file, it will fetch the full sized file for editing. If you have been doing a lot of editing and want to clear the cache and recover more space on an iPhone or iPad device, you have that option.

On your iPhone or iPad, if you go to Settings > General > Usage and scroll down to Revel and you can see how much space Revel is using. If you recently uploaded many photos, created edits, viewed a lot of single view photos, or anyting that might use cache, then you can clear the cache (done for each library individually) and reclaim space. This will retain the thumbnails, but remove all larger versions of the photos.

On your iPhone or iPad, go to the library view for each library and look at the bottom left cloud icon above the libary icon. Next to that you will see "up to date" if it has completed the sync. You can click on the cloud icon for more information. Anytime your library is up to date, you can clear the cache if you wish to regain some space. This is done in your Library settings in Revel. Tap the 3 parallel lines (version 2.1) in the top left corner. Then, tap the i in the circle to the right of the library you want to clean up. Next, tap the 'Clear Cache' button and give Revel a few minutes to process files. This should purge originals that are already safely stored in the cloud.

Full sized versions of the files that you requested to upload will not be deleted until they have completed uploading. Once all of your photos are uploaded, you can clear the cache and should reclaim the space that the full sized files used while uploading. The app and thumbnails will remain and continue to use space (these are small files), but the full sized files and large preview files will be deleted. If your space goes below 500 MB free space, the cache will clear automatically.

We only cache the original while we are uploading it to ensure the whole file gets loaded successfully. Because of this, more space is needed during uploading than just everyday use. If you are extremely low on space, you could import the photos from a computer instead. If your storage space falls under 500 mb you will get an error message telling you that you don't have enough storage space. Revel does automatic cache purging when the device has less than 500mb available.

On a Mac, you have the option to keep a backup of all originals in revel. This can be disabled and you can delete previously saved files to recover space on your drive. If you upload pictures and choose "Keep all Orginals" on your Mac, (click on the gear, and at the bottom you can turn the option on or off) Revel copies the image and stores a cache of the image in the Adobe Revel library.rvl package. You can click on the package and select "show package contents" to view the images that were stored in that package. You can disable this setting if you know you have your originals stored safely elsewhere, or if you don’t have enough disk space on your Mac to accommodate all photos.

1. It is always a good idea to have a backup of your photos, such as on an external hard drive.
2. Ensure all requested uploads are complete. Check your status to be sure nothing is still uploading, that no new uploads or changes are pending, otherwise they could be lost.
3. Disable Keep Originals in Revel app settings (since you don't want a duplicate copy)
4. Close Revel.
5. Delete the Adobe Revel Library.
From Finder, choose Go > Go To Folder. Type ~/Library and then click ‘Go’.
Navigate to ... /Users/your user folder/Library/Containers/com.adobe.Carousel.mac/ and delete the file.
When you relaunch Revel, you will have to wait while the catalogs sync up (which might take a bit depending on size of library) but no originals will be downloaded.

6. Delete Pictures/Adobe Revel/Adobe Revel Library file
7. Launch Revel. Sign in. Depending on size of library, it will take a few minutes to repopulate, download any thumbnails/previews/database info.
Please note, we cache items for preferences and performance and we cache thumbnails and previews to prevent needing to download over and over again. If you import on the Mac we'll cache some originals for performance.


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