Degradation of Lightroom Classic CC's performances

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I installed the new version of Lightroom Classic CC and noticed a significant performance improvement since the beginning. I thought "Yes", the adobe team worked on the core of the software and did a good job. I even clicked back the "Graphic acceleration tab" which was always off and there was a significant increase of performance in the tweaking of parameters. It used to be always a bit sluggish. 
However, after a month, the system is becoming very slow. I have optimized my database and usually work on pictures saved on my SSD HD for better performance. I have a macbook pro 17 inch Icore 7, 16mb RAM and 512 HD.
It seems that something gets build up in the background along with new pictures added an edited which cripples the performance. It's now sluggish on all parameters and actions.

I'm still flabbergasted to see that this issue has not been addressed since for years, the performance of Lightroom has always been problematic. 
Oddly it seems that the team does not want to settle this issue. Why is that so? It remains a mystery. I'm pretty disappointed and trying other similar software as alternate.

DXO optics does a very good job. The layout has to be re-think a bit but the performance exceeds Lightroom. For instance, it removes the magenta cast on noisy pictures automatically which Lightroom does not do, It has a better color correction. Its white balance is far better than Lightroom's, much more parameters for contrast, highlights and shadows. The fine tune options on DXO are absent on Lightroom. The noise reduction performance outstrips lightroom's by far. The general performance is also much better than Lightroom + DXo Optics is a reference in terms of lens and camera calibration and correction.

So I would encourage all those who are having an issue with Lightroom to give a try to DXO. because we are professionals and need professional tools for our earn a living Jobs not an average system which only rely on Photoshop's Aura to remain in the game. 
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You are right in your observation. The performance and speed has increased considerably but to keep getting that speed, you'd probably have to close and re-open Lightroom Classic every 15-20mins.
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I am VERY interested in dumping LR before they dump us. Does DXO Optics have a spot heal and adjustment brush functionality? I use those a lot in LR without having to send the image to PS to do the same.
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I am using DxO DOP since V3.5 Today the app has change it's name in DxO PhotoLab this is to considered as a V12 of DOP. Actually its the V1.01 of DxO PhotoLab. I followed this evolution with great attention comparing what we could found on the market. This very last version is now having local corrections acting on RAW files (thus not having any destruction effect on the file) Local corrections are using the UPoint principe that was primary develop by NickSoftware. So said, with this very last version, to my opinion, DxO PhotoLab is more steps forward compared to what LR  and the market are proposing.  Last info, by the use of plugins, DxO Lab is integrated with LR.

I personally don't use developing functions of LR. I rather use DxO PhotoLab