Lightroom Classic: Please make it more apparent that Auto Sync is enabled

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I've probably pushed 750k images through LR since beta. I >still< run into the issue where I don't catch that the full photo set is highlighted and I edit a shot for a few minutes only to find out it blew away all edits to all other photos.

Please, please, flash the Auto Sync button RED when more than X images are going to be affected. 5 or less? Don't worry about flashing. 400? Flash the heck out of that button text. I'd say, conservatively, I've had this issue 500 times. I usually catch it pretty quick, but not always.

I am aware I can disable Auto Sync, but it's a great feature that I use correctly all (most of) the time.
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  • like I'm wastinng time.

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Although I hate TOO many handholding dialogs and warnings in this case I totally agree.  I have said in many posts the I consider the Auto-Sync button to be the most "dangerous" button in Lightroom.  I wish there was a preference option to change it to RED when it was active.  It has caught me a few times but a long ways from 500.  I learned quicker  :)
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I leave LR in AutoSync mode and wish this had been the default. Yes, it's bitten me a few times, but you soon learn to check - or at least, you shouldn't need 500 lessons.

That said, I agree there should be a stronger warning. Also, while Undo is available, there is a problem if you restart LR. That could be fixed by allowing the user to select multiple images and go back one history step at a time.
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Great idea.  when I teach LR, I call "auto sync" the most dangerous button in Lightroom.  I don't tell students not to use it.  But I do tell them that once they use it for s specific purpose to turn it off immediately and before they even look at the results of whatever change they applied to multiple images.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Obvious ON/OFF signal for Auto Sync needed.

Please provide second sign that Auto Sync is on.  For example, change font color or background color when developing more than one photo. Maybe change the border color of the photo or LR panel. Maybe add a large display of quantity of images that are being synced.
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Or program the Auto-Sync button to turn bright Red when active. At least a visual indicator.
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Yes. And fix the selection indicators, so that its OBVIOUS what the selection is in Thumbnail view. Light grey/dark grey isn't enough. It always hard to tell when multiple files are selected and this should be VERY obvious at a glance. Once again, Aperture did it better.