Date/time shown on track logs in LR Map module uses incorrect time zone

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In the Map module, when you load a tracklog, the date-time stamp shown for each log point is incorrect. As we know, GPX files store times as UTC (Universal Time Code) times. To mate photos with Track logs, you need to tell LR what the offset is between the UTC times in the track log and the Date/Time stamp on the photos from the camera. This is done using the "Set Time Zone Offset" tool in the Map Module and correctly shifts the Track log times so they can be matched with photos.

The problem is that there is no way that I know of,to just tell LR what time zone the track log was captured in so that when you hover your mouse over the track it shows you the correct time. What it does instead is to show you the time using the timezone set in the OS of the computer you're using to run LR. Example: I live in California so my computer is set to Pacific Time. I recorded a track-log on the east coast. When I load the east coast captured track log into LR, and hover my mouse over a spot on the track where I was at 9:00 am, LR tells me that I was there at 6:00 am which was the time it was in California when I was in New York.

This sounds to me like a but. perhaps it could be considered an omission in LR (or even a feature request). I don't know the in's and out's of GPX files, but I think there is something in the GPX header info that indicates the time UTC offset that must be added to or subtracted from the track point times to arrive at the correct time. If so, then LR should pay attention to this. If LR already does pay attention, then please tell me who to properly set it in my track logs, in fact, LR should allow you to tell it the proper timezone and LR should then permit you to re-save the Track log file with this added piece of information.

At a minimum, in LR, if you set the "Set Time zone Offset" to a value other than zero, then that offset should be accounted for in the date/time pop-ups you get when you hover the mouse over the displayed track log.

Thanks -- Dan
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