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I placed an online order for Photoshop Elements 14 and Premiere 14.  After the order was placed, it says status pending.  I thought that was strange.  Looked again, it says the order is under review.  I was puzzled.  Never seen anything like that for an online order.  What is there to review?

This morning, the order status still hasn't changed.  I called Adobe sales number and was told they don't deal with online orders.  I have to go to a support chat.  I had to wait for 20 minutes for someone to come on this 24/7 chat.  After 10 minutes researching the issue, He/she (can't tell) told me I would better off place another order without offering any reasons.  I kept asking for an explanation and was told it was a technical issue.  I asked if I place another order would I still be charged for the first one.  The agent said no.  I decided to wait and see.  By 11 am, I got an email with serial numbers for both products. I guess the agent didn't know what he/she was talking about?

I got home from work and was able to download and install the new products.  The problem came when I tried to run the product.  It asks me for serial number again so I re-entered it.  To my surprise, I was told the serial number has been revoked.  I need to contact customer support.  Guess what customer support is?  The same chat I was on earlier today.  Our of curiosity, I checked my credit card. I was charged!

I didn't think I had any other choice but to get on that chat again.  Another 20 minutes gone by before an agent came online.  After some reach, the agent told me that there is an issue with the serial number and please allow 24 hours to fix it.  Another 24 hours?  I asked the agent who should I contact if the problem doesn't get fixed in 24 hours.  Guess what?  the same support chat.  I asked if I could ever get a live person and was told only the subscriptions are support by live person.

I understand Adobe may be pushing really hard for the subscription solution.  However, we are paying customers too.  Not able to speak to a live person regarding a sales order issue is beyond my understanding.  This is not even about the product itself.  It's a billing and payment issue involving money, yet Adobe didn't think it deserves the service of a live person.  How cheap can you be?

Adobe, you may make some decent products, but with this type of service, you are driving your customers away!
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