Photoshop: Enhance guides to allow angled guides

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Why just horizontal or vertical guide lines? why don't you introduce angular guides or perhaps a function like the one in illustratore "make guide" ?
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Posted 9 years ago

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This is a solid request -- thanks!
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YES! This is especially useful for two or three point perspective image composites.
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This is an excellent point esoglobine. In the mean time, you can use path tool to draw your own, custom guides instead. Displayed Path will take a precedence when attempting Free Transform however. here's how to 'trick' Photoshop.

Select targeted Layer and select your Path 'guide'. Press cmd-h to hide the path, initiate Free Transform on targeted Layer - press cmd-h to view path again - continue Free Transform on the targeted Layer.

A little work around, but an excellent way to follow precise guides - without guides! ;)
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Yes! I've always wanted this feature...
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Hi, i got a nice idea: photoshop cs5.1 isn't able to rotate help lines to a manual entered angle. this could be helpful if you want to check for falling lines at (for example) buldings, walls or some objects - important for picture analysis!!
next idea - same direction: photoshop cs5.1 isn't able to exempt shifted objects (see above).

-> i think photoshop should get some select features as we can it use it in powerpoint or ms visio but don't make a copy.....

ich hoffe, man kann mein holpriges englisch lesen - i hope you can unserstand my english

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marking / selection / help lines like ms visio or powerpoint.


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Great request! I've never been thinking about that but actually it makes great sense.



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How about a simple, one-click tool that allows you to define a point from which guide lines radiate? It would be very handy in setting up the perspective of a painting; much nicer than having to create a layer and draw lines in by hand.
Bonus points if the opacity of the guide lines can be controlled so they can be dialed back to a nice, unobtrusive level.
Double bonus points if you can choose the number of lines and whether they appear only above the horizon line, below the horizon line, or both above and below.
Triple bonus points if the perspective guide can be locked in position.

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Guides to aid in setting up perspective.


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Is Photoshop going to have angled/diagonal guides? Currently I can only set up horizontal or vertical guides. I think it wuold be beneficial to have angled guides. A used could enter specific angles or choose from standard, 15,30,45,60 degree angled guides

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Angled GUIDES.
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I have been using Paths for guides with a great deal of success.

note: Path will take precedence when Free Transform is initiated. To avoid this Com.H (to hide the Path) -> initiate free Transform -> Com.H (to reveal Path guide) -> continue Free Transform.
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In addition to angled guides, the ability to create point guides would be immensly powerful for my workflow.

Many times i've found that i need to snap to a corner or a specific spot for one piece of the content and a slightly different variation of that x point at a vastly different y point. This has resulted in some of my documents having way more guides than I can keep track of, when all i need is to assign a guide point and not worry about it snapping halfway down the document to the wrong guide.
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add inclined benchmarks on photoshop. it is fine to have marks, but ps supports only vertically, and horizontally marks. I have projetcs that need inclined marks ... so please add this fonction
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i wonder why Photoshop doesn't support diagonal guides lines
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It would be extremely helpful to have tools like the ellipse guides and rulers that work more like in the real world, similar to Artrage, Clip studio paint and Sketchbook Pro (for example 10 seconds into this:

Having the possibility to regulate pen pressure while having the trajectory of the brush locked to an ellipse guide or ruler would make a huge improvement to the current Photoshop drawing workflow.
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Joel, I totaly agree to your request. And the weird thing is that Adobe offers such tools already, but only in Adobe Sketch! Why only providing such tool  in e cheap app für Ipad dabbler and not to design-professionals that paid a great deal of money for photoshop?!!
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I often have to angle product photos at 45 degrees and it would great if a diagonal guide could be added. It could simply be turned on or off in the preferences allowing for quick editing.
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People have been requesting this for 7 years. Let's throw one more onto the fire!
Years are flying, and Adobe has not yet made diagonal guides in Photoshop. Please Adobe, do it!